China Southern Airlines has announced that its decision regarding the tickets sold during the two-hour glitch experienced by its app and some of its ticket-selling platforms. Those lucky enough to purchase tickets during that period will be happy to know that the airline will honor their tickets. 

According to a report by CNN, the glitch caused some tickets for flights to be sold for as low as 10 yuan, which is equivalent to $1.37. The flights affected are those to and from Chengdu, which is the capital of China's Sichuan province. 

Multiple screenshots of the cheap ticket prices made its rounds on social media. One screenshot, according to CNN, shows that a flight from Chengdu to Beijing cost just $1.37. It normally costs around $55 to $69. 

China Southern Airlines Will Honor Cheap Tickets Sold During Glitch
(Photo : Scarbor Siu on Unsplash)

However, There is a Provision

The CNN report notes that while China Southern Airlines said that "passengers can use them as normal," there is a condition when it comes to these very cheap tickets. These tickets can be used as normal by the lucky passengers that got them only if they have already been paid for and issued. 

It should be noted that those who bought tickets during the glitch were required to shell out 110 yuan (approximately $15). This amount covers airport fees and fuel surcharges. 

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China Southern Airlines

Headquartered in the city of Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines is China's largest airline. As of October 2023, it is also the world's fifth largest airline by fleet size. It has a total of 626 carriers in its fleet. 

Its main hub are at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport.  

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