Traveling is a real adventure, whether you book a ticket for business purposes or personal matters. It's always a journey one anticipates a lot unless there's been a traumatic experience before. Fortunately, these days airlines from different countries invest in their services to provide their clients with top-class flights. 

However, quality flights aren't always available for all passengers. Can you fly business class to Europe from US to get an unforgettable experience? It sounds like a dream, but you can make it a reality with high-quality flights from the USA to Europe. 

How to get business class plane tickets and forget about all the fuss, queues, and crowded areas in the airport? You can fly with comfort by booking tickets from top-reviewed carriers. In our article, we uncover the details about flying with the industry's most sought companies. 

Top 5 Flight Carriers to Book Business Class Fares to Europe 

If you plan the route to Europe and your plane tickets are expensive, it's high time to look for more beneficial price-to-quality ratio business class fares. What airlines seasoned travelers usually choose? If you take your trip from the USA, you have a couple of excellent options. 

The following airlines deserve a separate overview for providing top-class features to their passengers. If you book tickets on their websites, you must experience a flawless, enjoyable business or personal trip to Europe. 

United Airlines

Holiday stress has become a common phenomenon for many people. If you want to reduce stress while traveling, you should take care of the tickets first. Many people choose United Airlines as the main company to order tickets from, and here's why: 

  • You can use a United app to manage all your flying information, from boarding to landing. For example, you can make a reservation without even opening your laptop. The process is well-automated. 

  • The stellar loyalty program will give you a long list of benefits. 

  • What is it like to be inside the cabin during the flight? When you choose business class tickets, you will get access to lie-flat seats and an open way to the aisle, tasty food, and unlimited in-flight entertainment. 

Is it worth flying to Europe using United Airlines? The ticket provider offers superior services to those booking business-class flights. 

British Airways

Why not reopen tourist Europe with advantageous air flights from the U.S.? British Airways is another great example of a carrier to fly you to Europe with no issues. The number of people choosing this company is insane, proving it has plenty of features for various types of travelers. But it's especially valuable for those who seek comfort and are ready to pay for it. British Airways have been serving its clients for years to gain a good name and trust in the industry. 

So, what can you get during your trip to Europe? Business class flights are a great chance to relax while on your route to European cities. Whether you travel for work reasons or on vacation, it's always a good idea to sip your drink, rest in a custom-like orthopedic seat, and talk with the welcoming staff on board. 

You will gain a lot from a comfortable trip using British Airways. And there are even some discount fares for those who plan to travel on a budget. 

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Air Canada

Your luxury weekend trip to Europe doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. You can find an exciting bargain to get yourself on vacation to a different country or to meet with colleagues abroad. How to find business-class flights from the USA to Europe? You should try and book tickets using the Air Canada carrier. This is one of the most reviewed services providing plane tickets.


Forget about a chaotic traveling experience. One of the working veteran traveling tips is to book cheap yet luxury business class fares for your journey. The following list of features explains why Emirates is popular among seasoned travelers who prefer comfort and safety during their flights. 

  • You can definitely make the most of the loyalty program offered by the carrier. 

  • As a business class passenger, you will get a comfortable seat that can easily adjust to your needs. 

  • On board, there's a tasty kitchen server for the passengers, so you can feel nourished during the long flight to Europe. 

The staff takes care of the cabin providing people with everything on the first request. You will be heard with any problem you have during the flight. 

American Airlines

Let's round up this list with another beneficial choice for those who try to save some money on tickets and prefer comfort. Your trip can be business-class-like with American Airlines. Tasty in-flight food with delicious snacks and beverages is waiting for you. 

You can entertain yourself with various media tools and apps on the plane, in-built into your comfortable royal-size seat. You are going to feel relaxed even after a long flight. 


You can now experience comfy and fast flights to Europe with the top 5 carriers for business class passengers. There are different options to consider before you book a ticket. Before ordering the plane tickets for your next trip to Europe, make sure to check our list and opt for your preferences.