Camping has a lot of advantages for both psychological and physical health and it is one of the most renowned ways to have fun with friends. It also allows discover new traits of yourself, learn new skills, and have an intimate conversation with nature.

However, there is nothing perfect in this world and camping is also about a list of disadvantages and is also not for everyone. This article is specifically about the downsides of camping and thus the reasons to say "no" to an invitation for going camping. This recreational activity is superb but it's not for everyone.

 Read on, and you will know the most serious reasons to deny a camping invitation in more detail.

Deficient comfort

Many people cannot imagine their recreation without decent comfort. For them, camping could be rather uncomfortable than exciting and opening new sides of themselves.

Such points of discomfort include sleeping on firm ground in a tent (but you can buy a two-person car camping tent), using public toilets, and the inability to take a shower. If these things matter a lot to you, better stay at home as if you go camping you will likely suffer without your amenities and miss your home a lot.


No, if you go camping in tents in the area near your house, it will not cost you a lot. But if you're camping in your RV, it will not be cheap at least because you will need to buy oil. Also, camping spots for VRs are more expensive compared to the ones for tent camping. Buying ice fishing portable shelters might be also necessary.

At the end of the day, all these expenses may accumulate to such a sum that camping won't be any less expensive compared to vacation to another country.

Back pain

Camping can also imprint on your back comfort. Sleeping on firm ground in a tent end up in the onset of back pains which can lead to the worsening of your general well-being. Still, even if you have never felt anything wrong with your back, you can have pains after the first night in a tent. This happens because our bodies are not used to it. So, for those who suffer from regular pack pains camping cannot be recommended.

If you regularly suffer from back pains, read this article to get useful information on this topic - Back pain: Causes, symptoms, and treatments (

Poor sleep

Campers also often suffer from poor sleeping, and it happens due to different reasons. First, it's because of the thin mats and sleeping bags that people have to sleep on. Secondly, the environment of nature is pretty noisy and sometimes even dangerous, especially in case you stopped in the area where wild animals are living. Thus, it's likely you won't be able to get asleep most of the time. Thirdly, weather conditions can be unpredictable, and it may be too hot or too cold.


If you go camping near a lake or river, you will be eaten by those small vampires. Even if you get a mosquito repellent it can't guarantee that you won't get bitten at least once. And mosquitos' bites can be itching and sometimes even painful, thus it's not the experience you'd like to get. Moreover, if you have problems with your immune system, such as autoimmune disorders, it's better you're not bitten at all.

You can read about mosquitos' bites treatment in this article - Mosquito Bite Symptoms and Treatment | Mosquitoes | CDC.

Sense of insecurity

Due to the lack of comfort and unpredictability of weather conditions, you might already be stressed. If you are camping in a remote area, too far from civilization, it might also imprint your feeling of security, especially at night. Just imagine being all the time stressed out and having a heavy gut feeling - one day it might deprive you of reason. Thus, if you are an impressible and sensitive, psychologically unstable person, you'd better not opt for camping as a recreational activity.

Narrow food choice

Though baked on open fire food smells fantastic and it's out of any comparison, that is quite it that you can eat. Oh, and of course, some canned food that you took with you. And while camping you must be ok about such everyday eating. No fresh fruits or vegetables or bakery will be available to you until your camping is off. So, should you be a gourmet, camping must be not the best option to spend your leisure time. Also, consider this camping specific if you have gastrointestinal problems.

Limited opportunities for maintaining hygiene

Wet towels may not provide a sufficient level of hygiene and cannot be considered as an alternative to showers. Most likely, there will be an opportunity to take a shower at your campsite, still, it will possibly be very limited as you will have to share the shower with other people there. So, if you want to go camping get ready for the temporary lowering of your hygiene standards. Otherwise, you'd better change your plans.

Get ready for wild animals' visits

And not all of those animals might be pleasant looking and safe. In some areas, bears can be frequent guests on campsites and such visits can be dangerous and even life-threatening. So, get the information about your future place of staying, and ask yourself one more time if it is worth it to risk your life or even your psychological health.

Camping can become quite a boring activity

As it happens with many things we start with excitement, but they may turn out to be exceptionally boring one day. The same can happen with camping especially if it lasts for a long time and evokes much discomfort. You will start missing your home with its comfort, fresh food, and amenities and in a couple of seconds decide that you want to leave the game as it became too boring and discomfortable. And if you love and value comfort, it may be not the best idea to go challenging yourself through camping. After all, there are so many other ways to spend your free time.


Camping is a great way to spend your weekends or even longer, as it's about being in nature. It implies many benefits either for health or psychics. Still, it can be good not for everyone. Limited choice of food, many factors of possible stress, and even life-threatening circumstances can be the cost of your camping. So think twice before you decide to choose camping as your recreation.