Travelling with kids in any place can be challenging, so it's even more difficult if you take them on holiday abroad, which usually requires taking long haul flights! But, as you know, travelling with kids comes with many benefits. Aside from the opportunity to spend quality time with them while they are still young, it can significantly boost their development and helps them adapt to any challenging situation that they could encounter as they grow old. 

So, if you're planning a trip with kids abroad, here are some tips to save you from going insane.

1. Rent a Car

One of the challenges families with kids have to deal with when travelling is getting around and moving from one place to another. It can be expensive to take a taxi and taking public transportation and trains can be hard if you're not familiar with the place. Renting a car can make navigating sites easier with your kids in tow. It also allows you to enjoy your holiday at your own pace. 

For instance, if you are travelling with the family to Iceland, consider renting an SUV from Fara Ehf, a family-owned 4×4 vehicle rental firm based on the outskirts of Reykjavik. Driving around the country with a rented car is best to explore Iceland with your kids. Aside from enjoying comfort and convenience, renting a car gives you the freedom and flexibility to visit as many attractions as possible. You can take your time and change your route anytime you want to.

For an unforgettable travel adventure with the family in Iceland, go on a road trip around the Ring Road, which takes you to some of the most captivating sites in the country. This route encircles the entire country and covers about 800 miles along Route 1.

2. Pack Games 

When travelling with kids, keeping them entertained is important. Packing some games, books, or any device to engage them can surely make the difference between a great trip and a miserable one. Boredom can cause tantrums in kids, so make sure you have something to entertain them when boredom strikes.  

One way to keep your kids entertained is to let them play their favourite games during downtime. Let them use their gadgets on long flights, road trips, queuing in long lines, or waiting for your order at restaurants. Even if you impose a limit on their use of electronics, travelling should be one of those times when you loosen the rules to keep them from getting bored. 

Some planes, buses, and trains come with a built-in personal entertainment device, so take advantage of these. Unfortunately, others don't, so it is best to bring your own. Having a game or device to keep your kids happy and quiet for long periods will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. You won't have to deal with tantrums and the embarrassment of disturbing other passengers, especially on long flights.

3. Book a Villa with Activities 

Another way to make your vacation with kids easier and hassle-free is to rent a family-friendly villa equipped with a pool and other amenities to keep your little ones entertained. These villas also offer total privacy, which is perfect for families. 

If you're going to Mallorca with the kids, you can rent one of these family friendly villas. These villas are spacious, and others have a garden, terrace, and yards that can serve as a play area for your kids. Unlike in a hotel where the space is limited, these villas are spacious enough for your kids to move around. 

One of the most common features of these villas is the kiddie pool. Staying at a rental home equipped with a pool will surely make your kids very happy. Of course, as a parent, that will make you happy too. The best part is that the kiddie pool is exclusive to you. Therefore, you won't be sharing it with other families and kids, and it will be easier for you to watch your kids as they splash in the water.

4. Stop for Breaks 

When travelling with kids, try to schedule some rest breaks between doing activities and visiting sites or attractions. This is to keep them from feeling restless. If you are going on a long road trip, plan your journey to include short stops, whether at a motorway service station or a small town. Do your research and see if there are small parks or open spaces on the road where you can have a break to stretch your legs and get some energy out. 

Make sure you fit in sleep and rest time when on vacation with your kids. Plan your itinerary to include a daytime nap for the kids during the day. Even if it's only a few short hours of sleep, it's already enough to prevent tantrums. If kids are tired and sleepy, that's when they develop tantrums. Be as creative as you can to fit in rest and nap time when and where you can, especially if you have infants who need to get some naps each day.

5. Go Somewhere Unique 

Sometimes, it can be hard to persuade bigger kids to travel with you, especially those in their teenage years. They would probably prefer to explore with their peers at this age than with their family. But one way you can persuade them to go on family holidays with you is to take unusual family holidays and keep the kids on their toes. 

Think of unique places to visit and exciting activities that will pique your kids' interest. For instance, instead of the usual European destinations like France and Italy, why don't you go to Andorra? The country may be small, but it offers action-packed adventures guaranteed to delight your kids. If you don't mind travelling far, take them to Asia and visit lesser-known countries like Burma to explore hundreds of temples or take hot air balloon rides. Grown-up kids can be hard to please, but unique locations and exciting adventures will pique their interest.