Many cities have their own sports teams with a loyal following, and certain destinations are more driven by sports culture than others. If you're a sports fanatic, these are the places you should visit on your next holiday. But given the many destinations to visit for sports fanatics, deciding where to go can be tricky. To help you with this, we've come up with this list of the best holiday destinations for sports lovers.

1. France 

France is home to the biggest and most popular bike race, Tour de France, so it's not a surprise why it's one of the favourite destinations of sports lovers. Whether it's the Luberon Valley, Mont Ventoux, Cannes, Paris, or the Alps, France is a delight for cyclists, thanks to its well-established cycle tourism infrastructure spanning all its regions and is accessible to anyone keen on cycling around the country.

But there's more to the sports culture of France than the Tour de France. Sports play a vital role in the country, and its national teams are some of the most competitive in the world. In fact, the capital city of Paris has a thriving sports culture, home to some of the world's best sports museums, such as the French Tennis Federation Museum, which showcases an exciting exhibition about tennis. 

Football is also big in France, having hosted the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2019. Paris Saint Germain is the country's most popular football team and is regularly playing in the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris.

2. Spain 

For many years, Spain has been dominating the world of sports internationally, especially football. The country's football team has a phenomenal following from thousands of football fans who are keen to visit the country in hopes of meeting their favourite footballer in person.

But other than football, Spain is also famous for another sport - golf. The country's excellent weather and geographic diversity have made it one of the world's most ideal destinations for golfing. In fact, when you book golf holidays in Spain, you will have tons of choices since the country is home to hundreds of golf courses. You will find fantastic golf courses all over the country. The most popular of these are in the popular resort town of Costa del Sol. 

As Spain becomes more and more popular as a golfing destination, several new courses are being developed in various stunning locations all over the country. Golfing in Spain offers incredible variety, from the courses nestled on the peaks of the Pyrenees to the coastal areas of Andalusia.

3. Australia 

Australia is a nation of sports lovers. Most Australians believe that sports are a significant part of their culture, as reflected in their love of cricket, tennis, surfing, and many other sports. The country is also known for hosting some of the world's most popular sporting events. 

Canberra has plenty of interesting attractions to entice visitors who love sports, including fantastic art galleries and museums. The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is a must-visit for sports fans. It's a training facility for some of the country's greatest sporting heroes and offers excellent guided tours of its facilities. Adelaide is another Australian city home to passionate sports fanatics. While in Adelaide, one of the most interesting places to visit is the Adelaide Oval, a popular sports ground that offers guided tours for visitors.

Melbourne is another place in Australia that's considered a sports mecca. Almost every possible sport has been probably played here. In fact, there's a museum dedicated to sports in the city. Sports fans visiting Melbourne should visit the Australian Sports Museum and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The museum, located within the Melbourne Cricket Ground, houses the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame, the Australian Football Hall of Fame, etc.

4. Italy

Italy is a wonderful destination for your sports vacation for many reasons. There's a wide range of sporting events happening throughout the year, including the Italian Grand Prix. Taking place in Monza, a historic racetrack on the outskirts of Monza, the F1 race attracts thousands of racing fans from around the world. Thus, if you plan to witness this prestigious race, you better plan your trip as early as possible. 

Take advantage of the Italian F1 travel package, which includes the flights to Italy, return transfers, hotel accommodations, and tickets to the Italian F1 race. For the ultimate experience, avail of the VIP package that includes appearances from F1 drives, paddock walks, and more. 

While in Italy for the F1 race, make the most of your visit by visiting famous sports complexes. The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan is one of these. It serves as the home field for Inter and AC Milan teams and hosts some of the world's most famous football matches, such as the European Cup finals.

5. USA 

US sports events are getting more and more popular worldwide. As the popularity of these sporting events increases, many travellers are venturing into the States to witness their favourite sports and perhaps see some of their favourite players in action.

California is one of those states that pride itself on being a prime destination for all things sports. Home to numerous professional leagues, it has plenty to offer for all kinds of sports lovers. Cities like Los Angeles and San Diego are home to teams of athletes representing the country in international sports events. Basketball is the sport that Americans are famous for. When you think of the top players of basketball, Stephen Curry and Lebron James usually come to mind. Both athletes are from the Golden State. Given California's history of producing the world's champions, it's not a surprise why it's one of America's favourite destinations for sports fanatics.  

New Jersey is another state renowned for its vibrant sports culture, thanks to its popular sports teams in basketball and football. Some of the best places to visit in New Jersey for sports fans are Prudential Centre in Newark, Red Bull Arena in Harrison and the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.