You've been going on holiday with friends and family for years and years. You were three years old yourself when you first started skiing. Last year, you left your children at home because they were still way too young. This year, they are old enough to join their first ski class. By bringing your kids, you have to leave some things behind. Think of the après ski late into the night. Still, it's a blessing to see your children for the first time in their oh so adorable ski outfit. It's 100% worth it. Are you going on your first skiing holiday with your children? Then you are going to need these four tips.

1. Be prepared

We can't stress it enough: good preparation is half the battle. This starts by booking the right accommodation. A child-friendly accommodation is not difficult to find, but to find one that fits your wish list can be a daunting task. It's best if there are enough facilities to make life easy for you as a parent on a skiing holiday. Think of the high chair and toys. This ensures that you don't have to carry everything yourself to your holiday destination. 

Plan your trip well in advance. Research has shown that many people already book their winter holiday during the summer, around July and September. So, while you are still enjoying the sunshine, you should already be thinking about going on your winter holiday. In this period, early booking discounts are often used, which is always nice to take advantage of.

2. Good equipment

Bring enough warm clothes when your children go skiing for the first time. Children are very sensitive to the cold. So plan several layers. From normal t-shirts to thermal shirts, you can't dress your children warm enough.

3. Plenty to do during the trip

Most people head off to the snow by car. Regardless of your destination, it's always a long drive for both child and parent. As a parent, you have to constantly entertain your child. Even if you have a built-in TV in the seats and they are asleep for the most part, a child gets bored quickly. So make up some games to play in the car and bring plenty of toys.

4. Don't forget yourself

As a parent, you often put yourself in second place. As long as your children are happy, so are you. But you need to pamper yourself every now and then. So, the first thing you should do is bring your own most comfortable skiing and regular clothes. Nothing beats a comfortable skier. Get yourself the most comfortable sweater for men (Dutch: herentruien) and woollen socks (Dutch: wollen sokken) and your ski trip will be awesome. Also, go to a spa after you've finished skiing one day!

Are you ready to go on a winter holiday with your children?