Life is not easy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. Everybody who has ever lived and is alive today has not been exempt from experiencing difficulties, roadblocks, and setbacks. All these "problems" help us learn to appreciate those times when difficulties are overcome and challenges have been met. For cryptocurrency enthusiast Fabian Kumpusch, this is one of the many critical roles that sacrifice plays in one's life.

Success is not for the faint hearted. It comes at a cost and there's hardly ever a bargain. This makes sacrifice an essential part of success. Most people who have pushed the boundaries of their success have had to let go of something to follow their goals. For some, it may be their social life, and for others, a quality time with their family. Fabian Kumpusch believes that when we accept the presence of sacrifices on our road to success, we can deal with them better. As we learn to tackle them, we increase our faith in ourselves because nothing spells 'STRONG' more than the problems we have laid to rest."

The presence of sacrifice is testimony to the fact that success is not easy. It makes us more determined and cautious as we meander through its labyrinthine passages. Fabian Kumpusch believes that "dealing with sacrifices can help us value our success more as it reminds us what we had to give up to get there. However, it's not only the big things that are hard to sacrifice but the smaller ones too. Extra hours of sleep, one more sugar donut are things that are equally hard to give up. However, with success on your mind, you can learn to sacrifice them as well."

Sacrifice shadows success. And it's in the balance of the two where happiness lies.