The US is famous for its busy airports. You will be overwhelmed by the buzz at the big ones like JFK, LA International, Chicago O'Hare, and more. If you fly to and from these destinations often, things can get challenging every time. There are many problems you can expect to face, but having solutions to deal with them can save you from trouble. The good thing is that you can deal with them without much work. Here are some helpful insights from frequent flyers.

Long queues

The biggest woe of travelers comes in the form of long queues and crowds at the check-in counters. It becomes an even bigger reason to worry for flyers amid the pandemic as it increases the risk of infection. Fortunately, online check-in enables you to cut the hassle and avoid crowds. The good thing is that these are a norm as most airlines want passengers to check-in online instead of doing it physically.

Traffic delays

If you have to fly from a busy airport, expect traffic delays to happen more often than not. Leave early and keep extra time margins for a couple of hours to ensure you don't miss your flight. Find alternative routes that are less likely to have traffic jams. It is a good idea to book an early morning or late night flight because you will not have to cut through the city traffic during odd hours.

Parking woes

Right now, driving to the airport is much safer than taking a cab or using public transport. It saves money and curbs the risk of contracting the virus. But parking is seldom available at busy airports like JFK, making it a common woe for flyers. Fortunately, you can explore great parking deals near JFK online in just a few clicks. You can drive in, park, and rest assured about the safety of your vehicle until you return. Some providers even give a complimentary shuttle service to the airport from the parking spot.

Baggage issues

You can get into a fix with the baggage, waiting in lines to settle it flying out or in. It can even be hard to locate your bags among countless others that look similar. The solution is simple. Buy unique ones that are easy to distinguish. You can even tie a ribbon or put a sticker to make your luggage recognizable. The best piece of advice is to travel light and limit the number of bags you carry.

Unexpected rule changes

The worst you can face at a busy airport is unexpected rule changes by the airline. The situation can easily become chaotic when your co-passengers are surprised just like you. Rules are most likely to change often amid the pandemic because government guidelines and travel restrictions are ever-evolving. Checking the airline website a day before your flight will keep you safe from unpleasant surprises.

Flying from a busy airport is challenging indeed, but some planning and preparation make it easy to handle issues. Just keep your cool and address the concerns wisely. Don't stress about things you cannot control!