It's no secret that the New England coast is filled with beauty and charm. People flock to the beautiful beaches and coasts every summer to relax and enjoy themselves. With fresh seafood, a small town feel, and incredible sites to see, it's not difficult to understand why so many people are drawn to the East Coast.

If you really want to see the magic and beauty that makes up New England, a road trip would be the perfect way to see as many sites as possible. 

Now, if you're someone who would rather avoid large crowds when taking your trip, it's best to skip the big name towns and check out some of the lesser known but equally gorgeous spots in New England.

So where should you go to get away from the tourists while still experiencing the beauty of the east coast? So, if you're going for a romantic trip, add your girlfriend or boyfriend to your car insurance and then hit the road! Here are some sleepy seaside towns you'll definitely want to stop at on your trip.

5 Seaside Towns to Visit on Your New England Road Trip
(Photo : 5 Seaside Towns to Visit on Your New England Road Trip)

#1 - Stonington, Connecticut

When people think about Connecticut, they might think of the famous river cruise. However, this quiet seaside town doesn't always get the recognition it deserves, for someone who is looking to stay away from the more crowded areas of New England, that's not a bad thing. 

Stonington Borough is Connecticut's oldest village, and the area is filled with small town charm. Walking down the main streets, you'll find adorable boutique shops, amazing historical buildings, and restaurants boasting incredibly fresh seafood and farm raised meat. 

The charm isn't the only reason to be drawn to Stonington, however. There are many parks and outdoor areas to enjoy while taking in the fresh New England air. 

And if you are looking for some salt water fun, look no further than duBois beach. This is not a public beach; it is owned by the town and there is a small fee to enter, though children 18 and under are free. This creates a quieter and more relaxing beach experience for those who wish to get away from the large crowds and enjoy the beauty the East Coast has to offer.

With all its beauty and small town charm, Stonington, Connecticut will be a must see on your New England road trip.

#2 - Jamestown, Rhode Island

This quiet island right off the coast is a magical place just waiting to be explored. Accessible by bridge, the small town is one of Rhode Island's oldest communities. The buildings have been beautifully preserved by the town's residents throughout the years, so if you're a fan of history, these buildings are sure to wow you.

There are also tons of dining options in Jamestown ranging from cheap eats to moderately priced food, and there are even fine dining options. You'll find fresh seafood, delis, pizza, and more options scattered throughout this town.

After some amazing food, you can get out of town and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are plenty of ocean views surrounding the island as well as lighthouses. There is even a guided tour of a historic farm that has been maintained and passed down through six generations.

If you're a fan of fishing, there's no limit to the incredible saltwater spots you can find on and around this island. Find the perfect place, cast your line, and enjoy the view.

No matter what you're in the mood for, you'll surely be impressed by the charm, history, and scenery awaiting you in Jamestown.

#3 - Marblehead, Massachusetts

This charming seaside town is lesser known than other towns like , but it does not leave you wanting. With historic buildings, a quaint downtown filled with locally owned shops, and gorgeous ocean views, you will quickly get lost in the atmosphere.

Marblehead is home to almost 300 colonial area homes still preserved today. Looking through the streets, it's no wonder these buildings still stand as the town is well maintained and picturesque. 

While strolling through the streets, you may want to stop at the Marblehead museum located downtown. Here you will find incredibly preserved history about the town and learn much about colonial life.

If you're in the mood for a beach day while visiting Marblehead, be sure to check out Devereux Beach. The beach has more than five acres of sand and beautiful views of the Atlantic. There are picnic tables available to enjoy lunch, as well as a playground for the kiddos to run around on.

If you're road tripping through New England, Marblehead should definitely be one of your stops. The fresh food, beautiful views, and rich history will surely make it worth your while.

5 Seaside Towns to Visit on Your New England Road Trip
(Photo : 5 Seaside Towns to Visit on Your New England Road Trip)

#4 - North Hampton, New Hampshire

This smaller and lesser known New England town is often overshadowed by the city of Hampton, but it is just as gorgeous to see. This town may lie slightly more inland than its better known companion, but North Hampton still boasts beautiful beach views.

Some fun sights to see while you're enjoying your time in North Hampton are Fuller Gardens, Little Boar's Head Seaside Trail, Throwback Brewery, and Seacoast Scooters. For nature lovers, Fuller Gardens and Little Boar's head will offer you amazing scenery to take in. 

For someone looking who's interested in sampling some local wine or beer, Throwback Brewery offers a laid back atmosphere with in-house drinks. And if you're feeling adventurous, rent a scooter from Seaside Scooters to see the town in a whole new way.

Of course, no New England coastal town would be complete without a beach. North Hampton beach offers spectacular views and a quiet setting for those looking to enjoy the breathtaking views without being shoulder to shoulder with other people. Parking can be limited for the beach so make sure you get there early and secure a spot to enjoy your nice sunny day.

The laid back feel and quiet surroundings of North Hampton make it the perfect stop on your road trip. Here you will be able to find all the beauty of the East Coast without the overwhelming crowds.

#5 - Camden, Maine

This beautiful seaside town is a great place to stop at while on your New England road trip. Camden is one of only two places on the Atlantic coast where the ocean and mountains meet. If that beautiful sight alone isn't enough to draw you in, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy while visiting.

With a beautiful opera house, a 66-acre nature preserve, and incredible boat tours that take you out to the harbor so you can experience Camden's beauty, there isn't much lacking from your time spent in this quaint town.

As with most seaside towns on the East Coast, you will find plenty of fresh seafood options. Camden also offers a variety of other restaurants such as bar-and-grills, delis, and pizza parlors. There are also coffee shops serving pastries and ice cream parlors to satisfy your sweet tooth.

With its unique sights and fun activities, Camden, Maine is sure to wow you on your trip. Be sure to check out some other awesome small towns around Maine.

5 Seaside Towns to Visit on Your New England Road Trip
(Photo : 5 Seaside Towns to Visit on Your New England Road Trip)

The Beauty of New England

The East Coast has so much to offer travelers looking for breathtaking views. These sleepy seaside towns are the perfect stops for your road trip up the coast. They offer all the beauty of New England without the overwhelming crowds. Skip the big cities with terrible drivers with these peaceful towns.

You won't be disappointed stopping at one or all of these spots while you make your way up the seaboard. With quiet atmospheres, plenty of grand views, and delicious food, you will surely get the perfect feel of the sleepy seaside towns that offer so much charm to the New England Coast.

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