The United States of America is a popular tourist destination. It's a big country consist of 50 states. There are many options available for travelers, from famous historical landmarks to fun and glamorous places every individual can enjoy according to taste and age. Whether you are looking for a thrill-filled vacation or going on a family trip, it is the right area for your dream vacation.

The first thing you need to do is to decide where your interest lies. Then read this article and find out more about the places that excite you. And then make a plan to visit as many sites as you can. Believe me; you will thank us after your first tour.

1. Titanic Museum Gatlinburg

This museum is known as the largest permanent Titanic Museum in the world. The museum is shaped precisely like the original ship but half the size of the titanic. When the visitors enter, the staff give them the boarding ticket, which tells the story of the actual passengers of the ship. As they explore the museum, they will learn about the tragedy that occurred years ago. Every artifact found in the Titanic Museum belongs to its passenger or crew member.

In Gatlinburg, you can also visit other famous places like Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg SkyLift Park, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, and many more. Therefore, it's a good idea to stay in the Gatlinburg condos to enjoy a lifetime experience.

2. Disney World's Magic Kingdom

It is the magical place on earth where your fantasy becomes a reality! The centerpiece, where lies all the magic, is the most famous theme park in the world. If anything surrounds the spirit of Disney World's Magic Kingdom, it is the small world ride that gives the visitors a round of the whole place. The magical world is the most welcoming place in the USA, where 20.96 million tourists visit yearly.

If you reside in the USA, visit the magical kingdom from late January to early April. That is too avoiding weekends because the crowd fills the place on weekends and the rest of the year. Visiting in the suggested period will allow you to enjoy everything peacefully.

3. Aspen

If you visit the Aspen in winter, it's a bet you will most likely revisit it in the summer. Aspen is famous for many reasons, among which its 8000 feet high mountains are the most prominent and its skiing history. This place witnesses winters, almost half the year with heavy snow on the hills. The exciting thing about the snow is that it is perfect for skiing. People worldwide come to ski here, and some visit Aspen to see the locals' ski events. Some other attractions of this land include Aspen Mining Fame, film festival, etc.

4. Pike Place Market in Seattle

A 108-year-old Pike Place Market is known as a farmer's market, which is now the historic, icon part of the city. Every year, it witnesses more than 10 million tourists; this place is famous for fresh fishes, cheesemongers, produce stalls, and specialty food shops. There is more to the market than just some favorite food; after getting your hands on the fresh fish, you can explore the seven secrets about Pike Place Market In Seattle.

You will find the original Starbucks coffee shop here. It is said that the ghosts roam around the market in the dark. I do not know if it is true or not, but tourists get attracted by it for sure. Summers at the market are great, but the best part of winter is Christmas, when Christmas tree sellers set up their stalls from the market's name.

5. Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy Space Centre is one of the most thrilling attractions of Florida. There is so much to know about space exploration in the so-called theme park. From the history of space to the ongoing missions, you will come back with exciting knowledge about space. Apart from the rides and artifacts, you can watch space-themed IMAX movies and take photographs with the astronauts. There is even a possibility to experience the shuttle launch, which replicates actual space travel. This place is a must-visit, especially for space enthusiasts and interested in NASA and space exploration history.

6. Kauai; The 4th Largest Island of Hawaii

Also known as the green island, Kauai is the northernmost island in the Hawaii chain. Kauai features lush green valleys, dramatic landscapes, sharp mountain spires, and breathtaking views everywhere you look. Most of the beaches in Kauai are not accessible by land; you can enjoy the sceneries through a helicopter ride. For this reason, helicopter rides are so famous on this island. The view for miles above the ground is extraordinary. People also enjoy many outdoor activities like the Wailua River, scuba dive, Poipu Beach, trek the Kokee State Park, and much more.

7. Mackinac Island

A short trip of a day or two to Mackinac Island is a good break from routine life. This island is 4.35 square miles total, so that you can cover all the recreational places in just a few hours. But do not be in so much hurry while exploring new things.

When you enter Mackinac island, you are not welcomed by the sound and pollution of motor traffic. Instead, here, you see the lines of bicycles, horses as the carriage, and ferries. It is the uniqueness of this fantastic place; the government has banned the use of motor vehicles there. The best time to visit this island is from mid-May to mid-October when the weather is not very hot and not very cold. You will find the best weather on Mackinac island in these months.

Final Words

We have given some options that might interest you. But there is so much more than just these places in the USA to explore. Once you are done traveling these places, we suggest you keep exploring because traveling is the true essence of a contented life.