A life well-traveled is a life well-lived, for memories are the greatest treasure one could possess. While the older generations were busy hoarding material possessions, millennials seem to be interested only in hoarding experiences. Professionals find themselves yearning for and embracing remote lifestyles that allow them to travel the world alongside pursuing career goals.

Is there a better goal than feasting your eyes on all the beauty and splendors native to planet Earth? Certainly not! Even if you manage to see a dozen marvels, you will grow incredibly rich in spiritual enlightenment and cultural diversity. We've put together a list of the most breathtaking places to visit before you die.

Here's all the inspiration you need to upgrade your bucket list:

Smoky Mountains, USA

A region drenched in natural beauty, cultural diversity, and modern-day luxury, the Smoky Mountains National Park is utterly breathtaking. Home to soaring peaks, scenic snow-laced vistas, picturesque waterfalls, and exotic nature trails, there's much to do and explore here.

You will find yourself transported into a paradisiacal expanse of spellbinding natural beauty. The region hosts over 100 exotic and vibrant nature trails that will take you deep into the heart of the wilderness. Birdwatchers and wildlife photographers have much to rejoice in, for everywhere the eye turns, there's something rare to marvel at.

Families, honeymooners, and comfort-conscious travelers typically flock to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for luxury accommodations. You can explore luxury cabins, such as the high-rated Dollywood cabins, with spectacular views of the mountains. We urge you to indulge in the cultural scene, especially the local wine and cuisine and iconic Smoky Mountains festivals.

Sighisoara, Romania

Here's the ultimate destination for a budget-friendly European adventure: Sighisoara, Romania. Tucked in the heart of ancient Transylvania, the city of Sighisoara is laden with fascinating medieval wonders and intriguing mysteries.

A charming medieval city, Sighisoara doesn't enjoy much popularity in mainstream travel circuits, making it more appealing for unconventional travelers. It's a must-have, once-in-a-lifetime adventure for history buffs, being the best-preserved medieval European city. The history of Sighisoara dates back to the 12th century, constructed by the Saxons

Are you a fan of supernatural mysteries? Sighisoara is the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, the vicious ruler who ruthlessly presided over Walachia back in the 15th century. The city is a treasure trove of medieval architecture, such as the Church of Dominican Monastery, the Venetian House, and Sighisoara Citadel.

Machu Picchu & the Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca Trail welcomes serenity seekers and nature lovers deep into the heart of the Andes Mountains and Mayan cultures. The trail that leads up to the ancient site of Machu Picchu is a life-changing and spiritually invigorating journey. It's a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will broaden your horizons, leaving you flooded with awe and inspiration.

Hiking the Inca Trail is not a child's play, but it's a feat that will make you feel invincible and incredibly rewarded. The trail will lead you to unmatched and unparalleled pastures of breathtaking natural beauty. As you make your way high up in the Andes Mountains, you can experience the Mayan culture with local villages. Hikers can also enjoy adrenaline-pumping treks deep into the Inca Jungle and explore ancient Mayan ruins along the way.

Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

Mexico's Yucatan peninsula is laden with rare gems of natural splendor, and Ik Kil Cenote is indeed the crown jewel. The Ik Kil Cenote is one of the most breathtaking natural pools globally, surrounded by crystal blue water. There's nothing more luxuriating than long, butterfly strokes in the 130-feet-deep natural pit of turquoise blue water.

The natural swimming pool surrounds by vibrant vegetation, picturesque waterfalls, and exotic, threadlike vines. Also known as the Sacred Blue Cenote, Ik Kil Cenote held great significance in Mayan culture and ancient royalty. For centuries, this pool was reserved for Mayan royalty to relax in the crystal blue waters or perform religious rituals. Today, it is one of Mexico's most popular sites for water sports, diving, and archeological discoveries.

Positano, Italy

A city of romance, medieval charm, vibrant colors, and the best of Italian cuisine, you must visit Positano before dying. The town of Positano will take you to the southern end of Italy, alongside the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. It is a vibrant and romantic town brimming with charming medieval architecture and a beguiling culture of food, wine, and music.

Constructed on a cliff, the city of Positano enjoys immense popularity amongst artists and writers. Walking around the idyllic streets lined with delightful pastel cottages is an enriching experience. Be prepared to climb up long flights of stairs, as it is the best way to explore all the attractions.


A destination that may seem attractive and intriguing to one person may not hold the same appeal for others. All travelers seek uniquely different experiences, and it's crucial to unravel your spiritual yearnings. But what do you desire the most as a traveler? Do you enjoy culturally rich experiences that introduce you to exciting cuisines, exotic wines, and unconventional traditions? Or do you find yourself yearning for the serenity and peace of the wilderness?

All travelers must look within to identify the journeys and destinations that will complete their life's bucket list of must-have adventures. You will find your experience nestled deep within the cravings of your heart.