Toying with taking the plunge and finally planning that bucket list trip to Hawaii? 

Americans are itching to log their kids off of zoom school and unplug from the #workfromhome grind. Whether you're rescheduling a vacation canceled by Covid or are just dreaming, here are some memory-making activity ideas for your next trip to Hawaii!

1. Visit a Volcano

One of Hawaii's most unique geographical features is its volcanos, and they are not to be missed. The Hawaii Volcanos National Park on the Big Island is one of the only places in the world where you can witness the wonder of an active volcano creating land in real-time. Start off by visiting the park's welcome center, and then take a guided tour of the volcano, drive the trails of the park, or hike if you're feeling extra brave!

2. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

If you are not already scuba certified, it'll be well worth it to get your practice hours in before your trip. There are countless guided tours and excursions led by experts to scuba and swim alongside beautiful Hawaiian manta rays or sea turtles. If scuba isn't your thing or you can't take the time to get certified, there are many modifications for snorkelers as well! 

3. Surf Fishing 

Do you love fishing and dream of catching a mahi-mahi or ahi tuna while in Hawaii? Head out to Ewa Beach Park in Ohau, one of the greatest surf fishing locations in the world that attracts hobby anglers and outdoor sports enthusiasts alike. Never tried surf fishing, but would like to learn the basics? The gear is different than your regular freshwater fishing equipment, so consider purchasing a fishing tackle kit before you head out into the water. Sit back on the shore or charter a boat into the ocean and land the biggest catch of your life while surf fishing in Hawaii!

4. Tour a Kona Coffee Farm

If you're a caffeine addict like me, touring a Kona coffee farm is a must-do activity on your Hawaiian adventure. Kona farms produce is some of the best coffee beans in the world, and you can get an up-close and personal view of the beans at each stage of growth and production. There are Kona tours available in every imaginable specification. Coffee addicts, you can get a riveting educational experience, taste the beans freshly brewed, or even learn to create your own custom blend!

5. Spot Humpback Whales

From November to April, humpback whales begin their migration from Alaska down to Hawaii and can be spotted on Big Island, Kauai, and Maui. If you are an animal lover, consider booking a whale watching tour and spend the day enjoying the beauty of these magical creatures. There are many ecologically conscious companies in Hawaii that can educate you on how to protect and appreciate humpback whales. 

6. Enjoy Tropical Blooms

If you are a plant enthusiast, take a trip to the Hawaii Botanical gardens and experience the beauty of over 2,000 species of tropical flowers and plants you definitely can't put in the garden back home! Take in the Hawaiian coastline and cascading Onomea waterfalls while flocked by stunning local blooms and foliage. This nature preserve is both a cost-effective and beautiful day excursion on Big Island.

7. Visit The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

One of the most breathtaking attractions in Kauai is the Waimea Canyon, affectionately dubbed "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific" for its sweeping sights. You can take a guided tour, drive the 10-mile long canyon, or if you're feeling adventurous you can hike to various viewpoints to take in unbeatable views.

As always, be sure you are making environmentally cautious and respectful choices on your trip and traveling smart in the midst of Covid-19. Hopefully, these suggestions spark your imagination and help you jumpstart those Hawaiian vacation plans! 

Have fun in Hawaii!!