Coffee is the second popular beverage in the world after tea. According to the latest stats, more than one billion people consume coffee regularly. Certainly, there are a lot of enthusiastic travelers among them. If you're one of those who can hardly imagine your trip without coffee, this post is for you. Below, you will discover the top ways to drink your favorite beverage while traveling.

Vacuum Mug

A mug of hot and tasty coffee is a very desired thing during a journey, especially when it's cold outside. If your trip does not last more than six hours, bring your favorite beverage in a vacuum mug.

It is very convenient, as it doesn't take a lot of space. Vacuum mugs are safe as they are coated with plastic or stainless steel. Also, it is equipped with a leak-proof lid. You can pour your favorite drink into a vacuum mug and put it into a backpack in any position or even drop it with no fear of losing your drink. After all, its primary advantage is that a vacuum mug will keep your beverage hot for up to six hours.

It can contain up to four mugs of beverage for a big company. Fortunately, there are a lot of coffee making machines that can satisfy any budget these days. If you need your beverage to be prepared fast and hassle-free, look at the cheap coffee makers review. It will help you to pick the best device that will fit all your needs.

Hand-Held Coffee Making Kit

If your trip lasts for more than six hours, you ought to carry a coffee kit for preparing mugs of hot beverages by yourself. Also, the equipment will enhance a trip for those who enjoy the coffee brewing process.

Hand Grinder

It's often hard to find an outlet on trips. Therefore, a hand grinder is the only reliable device that helps brew coffee in remote areas. Nevertheless, if you need to lighten your backpack, feel free to grind coffee beans at home. It's important to put grounds into a pack with a ziplock to keep the taste and aroma.


The proper ratio of water to coffee is the primary aspect of brewing a tasty drink. A small scale will help you prepare tasty beverages every time on your trip. Alternatively, you can bring a measuring scoop, which is a more reliable option for travelers. Also, you can pre-measure coffee powder and pack it in separate bags.


It's impossible to brew a mug of coffee without hot water. Therefore, a travel kettle is vital for any trip. You can bring a mini electric kettle or a compact immersion heater. However, if there will be no outlets on your path to a final destination, take a camping kettle. By using it, you will be able to boil water by using an open fire.

Filter Paper

Using a piece of filter paper is the best way to prepare coffee while on a trip. Unlike the French press or Aeropress, it doesn't need a lot of space and is lightweight. Also, this type of brewing has a lot of benefits. Feel free to check the pour over vs drip coffee brewing difference if you want to learn more. However, to use filter paper for making coffee, you have to bring a pour-over dripper.

Travel Mug

All people are used to drinking coffee from ceramic mugs. Unfortunately, they are too fragile to be carried in a backpack. Perfectly, you should grab a stainless steel mug with a lid. A durable cup that brings the opportunity to keep beverages safe is the best choice for a trip.

Instant Coffee Powder

If you don't want to carry a lot of equipment for brewing, the instant coffee powder can be your saver. All that you need is to bring a mug and a pack of instant coffee. It has a lower quality of taste and aroma. However, anyone can prepare instant coffee in a few seconds. All you need to do is empty a pack of instant coffee and pour hot water. Companies like Nescafe, Starbucks, and Jacobs produce tons of instant coffee.

Smart Coffee Makers for Travelers

Nevertheless, if you want to drink coffee brewed from fresh-grinded beans on a trip but don't want to hassle with it, check out smart coffee makers for tourists. By using this wireless device, you will be able to pour cold water and hit a button.

After this, a smart coffee making machine will brew a shot of espresso automatically. Then, you will be able to unscrew a cup of ready-to-drink coffee from a maker. Unfortunately, smart coffee making machines have some disadvantages. They need to be changed frequently and can prepare only one mug of coffee per brew.

Things That Travelers Should Know

If you want to prepare a beverage that has an ultimate taste, use bottled water only. It has no taste and odor. Also, don't be shy about adding syrups to enhance the flavor of the coffee.