Calling all lovers of adventure and travel! The new year is finally here and that means it's time to leave the lousy parts from last year behind and do our best to embrace a well-deserved fresh start. For anyone wondering how exactly to kick off the new year with some excitement, dig out your parka because the driving force to do it is going to be a cold one.  

Get ready to ignite your senses like never before because epic excursions await in the breathtaking polar regions of the one and only amazing Arctic. Start the new year in the utmost momentous way possible when you book an Arctic adventure full of the most unforgettable, ice cold experiences of a lifetime. 

Seriously, get your parka ready because you don't want to miss out on any of these Arctic excursions! 

1. Glide atop Icy Blue Ocean Waters on a Paddling Excursion 

Picture it now, you're jostling through the glacial ice of pristine polar waters as the cold Arctic wind sends your senses gliding with every sweep of your paddle. Embarking on a paddling excursion turns the stunning Arctic landscapes, like magnificent fjords and snow-capped mountains, into a water-level experience like no other. 

Just grab a paddle and let the call of seabirds and lapping waves against the rocky shore be your guide! 

2. Venture to Otherwise Isolated Locations on a Zodiac Cruising Adventure 

See what past explores could only dream of by cruising to remote and isolated sites of the Arctic that are only accessible by specially designed, heavy-duty inflatable vessels known as Zodiacs. Embrace a moment you are sure to never forget, as you go from cruising among the icebergs to landing directly onto the icy cobblestone beaches as only a Zodiac can.    

3. Hike the Tree-less Terrain of the Arctic

Hiking has never been more exciting! Leave the typical trail experience behind as you make your way across the breathtaking terrain of the polar regions. Feel invincible as you'll be the tallest figure on the landscape while you walk atop the crunching snow, spongy tundra or sandy beaches of the Arctic. 

4. Kick It Up a Notch with Heli-Hiking in Southern Greenland 

Just when you thought hiking in the Arctic couldn't possibly get any cooler. Take your polar hike to the extreme as you climb into a helicopter for a birds-eye view of the remarkable landscape below as you're transported to the most scenic hiking routes of Southern Greenland

5. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping with a Polar Plunge 

That's right, it's time to let your wild side take over and do something insanely unforgettable. There is no way you could ever forget the time you started the new year by jumping into the perpetually freezing, polar waters of the Arctic. It's time to make the memory of a lifetime by making one crucial choice, will you go for a classic jump or cannon ball for your polar plunge? 

What are you waiting for? The new year is here, and your Arctic adventure awaits!