It's time to come clean about family vacations. As fun as the experience is for families, parents don't get the rest and relaxation they desire. From planning a successful trip to ensuring your kid's health, safety, and happiness on vacation, it's a lot of work. You spend so much time making sure that everyone enjoys themselves that you once again neglect your needs. Since vacations don't happen often, you must find ways to take care of yourself. Continue reading for some ideas. 

Finding Time for Yourself

The first thing you may be wondering is how you're going to find the time for yourself on a family vacation. If you're expected to be with the kids from morning until bedtime, when will there ever be an opportunity to be alone? Below are a few ways to make this happen. 

Make Use of Mornings and Late Nights

Vacations tend to tucker kids out. They spend hours trying to see and do everything imaginable, then come back to the hotel and fall fast asleep. Try to make the most of these times. Waking up an hour before the kids or indulging in "me time" after they've fallen asleep can work wonders.

Bring an Adult Travel Companion

One of the best ways to ensure you can have some "me time" is to ask another adult to travel with you. This person could be your significant other, elderly parents, siblings, or friends. When there's another adult on the trip, you can share the responsibilities of caring for the children. 

Book Adjoining Suites

If you're traveling with older children or teens, booking adjoining rooms can create an opportunity for alone time. Being cramped in the same room can cause unnecessary tension. It also doesn't leave many options for you to rest or recharge. Having rooms that are side by side or a suite with multiple bedrooms reduces congestion. 

Childcare Services

Lots of hotels, cruise ships, and other establishments offer childcare services for guests. You can drop your children off with trained professionals for a few hours. You can then head back to your room for a nap, a massage, or go out and explore without having to worry about the kids. 

Enjoying Yourself

Now that you've figured out how to find time to be alone on family vacations, what do you do with that time? Here are a few ways to enjoy yourself. 

Have a Cup of Joe

Something as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning could make a big difference in your day. Some hotels have coffee makers and supplies in the room you can use. Other hotels offer free breakfast for guests where you can grab a cup of coffee. If you'd prefer something more robust, you can search for a cafe nearby that services French Press coffee, muffins, and bagels, and treat yourself to a morning pick-me-up. 

Take a Long Shower or Bath

You may not be able to afford the hotel's spa packages, but that doesn't mean you can't do something nice to make yourself feel good on vacation. Taking a long bath or shower, for instance, can leave you feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to explore. 

Lounge By The Pool

Getting a tan, soaking in the jacuzzi, or going for a swim in the pool are fantastic ways to spend your "me time". You can ask the other adult on the trip to watch the kids, look into childcare services at the hotel or resort, or wait until the kids have gone to bed and indulge in activities by the pool. 

Spend a Few Hours Exploring

If you have another adult with you or know where childcare services are, take advantage of this time to do something you enjoy. For the next few hours, make the vacation about you. You can treat yourself to a nice meal, go for a walk, go shopping, or head to a museum or tourist attraction and explore. 

For most families, vacations come far and few in between. As such, everyone needs to enjoy themselves. While parents are often left with a burnt of responsibilities, there are ways to take time for yourself on vacation. Once you've found a way to pencil in "me time", make the most of it by doing something that helps you get the most out of your trip.