Moving to or visiting a big city can often be a very scary prospect. The city is vast and expansive, making it very easy to get lost or taken advantage of. In addition, major cities usually have higher rates of crime and more deaths. Because of this, keeping yourself safe while in a city becomes a top priority. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to keep yourself safe while traveling through a metropolitan area. These steps and tools can keep you safe and protect you to ensure that you aren't a victim of a crime. So how can you protect yourself while in a major metropolitan area? Here are eight tools to stay safe in a big city. 

Common Sense

One of the best tools to keep you safe in the big city is your own common sense and instincts. Ensure that you don't put yourself in any scenario that puts you in a dangerous situation or makes you vulnerable. If you have a bad feeling about something or someone, then react as quickly as possible and get to somewhere that makes you feel safe. Sometimes just using your common sense and trusting your gut can save you from many potentially dangerous scenarios. Although it might not save you from all troubles in the big city, your common sense and natural instinct can be a huge tool in keeping you safe. 

Know the Area

Another great tool in keeping you safe in the big city is knowing the area and being aware of all of your surroundings. If you don't know the area that you're traveling in, it can be extremely easy to get lost. When you're lost you're at a much higher risk of something bad happening to you since you're focused on trying to figure out where you are, thus lowering your guard. In addition, you might unknowingly wander into a potentially dangerous area, further putting you at risk. If you want to be safe in the big city, then it's important to know the area you'll be traveling in. 

Blend In

A common mistake people make when traveling is failing to dress and act like someone who is local to the area. If you travel to a city and you dress and act in a different manner than everyone else, then you're going to stick out like a sore thumb. Doing so puts a major target on your back, and criminals and other dangerous people may target you simply because they know you don't know the area and are out of place. It's important to not draw attention to yourself when in the big city, as blending in is a much safer strategy.

Pack Defensive Items

Sometimes avoiding danger simply isn't possible. You may take all of the preventative measures on this list, but still run into trouble while traveling in the big city. When a time like this happens, you need to ensure that you have defensive items on your person. These items can include a self protection keychain, mace, or pepper spray. When avoiding danger in the big city is impossible, you'll have to fight your way out and protect yourself. These defensive items can help you accomplish that and even potentially save your life, so it's important that you have them on you.

Stay Alert

Similar to how common sense can be an amazing tool to stay safe in the big city, staying alert can help you just as much. It's very easy to zone out, especially if you're listening to music or a podcast. However, if you zone out and don't pay attention while traveling through a big city, then you could be in big trouble. You may fail to recognize that someone is following you, or you may not be able to properly assess certain signs of danger. You should always be alert and on your toes while traveling through the big city, as it can help you recognize danger and steer clear of it. 

Carry a Cell Phone

Many people have their cell phone on them at all times of the day. While there may be some evidence that shows using your phone too much could be bad for your health, having your cell phone on you can actually be a huge tool in staying safe in the big city. Having a cell phone on you can allow you to immediately call for help, even if you're all by yourself. Criminals and other dangerous people want to target people that are all alone, and if you're able to call for help and backup then that throws a wrench in their plans. You could also call a trusted friend on the phone while walking through a dangerous or sketchy area. Having someone on the phone while potentially being in danger means that someone can immediately respond to your pleas of help, deterring any criminals from potentially acting on you. 

Travel in Groups

One of the most common tactics employed by people wishing to stay safe in the big city is to travel in large groups of people. Traveling in groups is good for a multitude of reasons. First, there is strength in numbers, and many people won't bother you when you have several people with you. Having a few people around you protects everybody, making the entire situation much safer. In addition, being with other people that you trust can make you feel much safer and lessen anxiety, another positive. If you're worried something bad is going to happen when you travel throughout the city, then you might want to consider traveling with friends as a group. 

Avoid the Night

Another common way to stay safe while in a big city is to avoid traveling at night. Many crimes occur at night simply because it is darker and easier to slink away unnoticed during that time. In addition, less people go out at night, meaning it's easier to isolate a target and commit a crime that goes unpunished. During the daytime many people are out and it's difficult to do something unnoticed in the light of day, meaning that daytime travel is much safer. If you want to stay safe in the big city, you may want to avoid traveling at night if you don't have others with you to protect you.