While we may be unable to travel anytime soon, you may be wondering what to pack for that holiday you can book when some semblance of normality returns.

Whether you dream of whisking the kids always for a break during the school holidays or going on a romantic getaway when the weather is starting to turn warm and bright - we take a look at some of the must-pack essentials for that future getaway.

Protect your eyes

Everyone remembers to pack the sunscreen as it helps to prevent skin damage from the sun, but what about your eyes? As well as being a stylish accessory while soaking up the sun by the sea, a good pair of sunglasses can help to prevent certain eye diseases caused by the sun's rays. Consistent exposure to UV rays can lead to illnesses such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Protect your skin

One essential which is rarely forgotten about is sunscreen. Cancer Research recommends that you choose a sunscreen that is at least SPF15 and 4 or 5 stars. Apply it generously and repeat throughout the day. Remember to also take regular breaks from the sun and find a shaded area. For added protection also pack a hat.

Don't forget layers

Don't just pack the classic summer clothes, preparation is key. Take a couple of thin jumpers or light cardigans. Once the sun sets temperatures can drop - even in the hottest of places. Remember, if you're by the coast, it will be much windier than further inland. You can minimise how many 'layers' you take by choosing neutral colours which can be teamed with multiple outfits.

Comfy shoes

You don't want to risk getting blisters on your first day because of uncomfortable and impractical shoes. As well as taking your smart sandals and sleek flip-flops, pack a comfortable pair of trainers or practical shoes for your holiday - if you decide one day you want to go on a hike, you're prepared.


As well as practical essentials, there are some must-haves for all holidays that can ensure it's as enjoyable and memorable as possible:

Camera: Look to invest in a good camera for the type of holiday you're going on. If you plan on going diving, look at getting a decent underwater camera. If your holiday is focused on sightseeing, get a DSLR.

E-reader: If you're a book-lover, an e-reader will allow you to pack hundreds of books into one compact device. Perfect for hand luggage or a day at the beach.

Headphones: A high-quality pair of headphones means you can relax and listen to your music in peace without any interruptions.

Portable charger: Imagine travelling for hours to see an ancient site on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, only for your camera to die. This is more likely to happen if you use your phone to take pictures, so packing a portable charger is essential.

If you're going on a busy sightseeing city adventure or a relaxing one-week by the pool break, these are must-haves for every holiday.