Thanks to the exotic landscape scenery of Thailand with long stretched white sand beaches, clear water seas and beautiful waterfalls makes it the perfect romantic getaway. 

There are plenty of places in Thailand that have all the requirements of a magical unforgettable holiday with your better half. The scenic beauty and the luxury long coastline with pristine water reflecting the run rays can set the perfect moment for romance. You and your partner would never get bored of that beautiful scenery and experience. 

There's a reason why Thailand is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. They have plenty of touristy activities to keep you entertained the whole day and during the night you can return to the privacy and coziness of your private luxury villa. 

We have listed down some of the best activities that you and your partner just can't miss during the Thailand vacation!

Soak in the deep blue at Anemone Reef

There are a lot of coastal areas in Thailand but Anemone Reef in Phuket is one of the top diving spots in the world. Phuket can become a more special and romantic place in the months of November to April for Scuba diving. Just imagine being underwater with your soulmate and exploring all the water life. What can be more romantic than that? 

Stay in luxury in Racha island

This is the best ever island in Phuket to recreate your first date night or to surprise your better half with a romantic candle light dinner by the sea. Everyone loves a little pampering and luxury and Racha island is all about that. You can book a luxurious resort via Inspiring Villas Thailand to spend a romantic night with beautiful setting and water just a few feet away in Racha Island. 

Bring your child out in the jungle waterpark

True love can bring out the child in one and so can a giant waterpark. You can invest your whole day leasuring around, eating, dancing and sliding in a waterpark on your honeymoon. It can sound a little weird but we're sure you'll not regret that idea. The jungle waterpark is located in Phuket and a small day trip there can surely make you nostalgic. 

Traditional boat ride around Ang Thong Marine Park

One of the most idyllic places in Thailand- Ang Thong that actually means a Golden Bowl is a perfect combination of beauty and luxury. Filled with towering limestone mountains, rainforest and jungles, pristine white sand beaches, waterfalls, and hidden coves, this place is a paradise. You can hire a luxury yacht to roam around this beautiful place. 

Experience romantic moments in Na Muang Waterfalls

Thailand is not only about beaches, the majestic Na Muang Waterfalls located 12 kilometres at the south-east area of Nathon Bay in Koh Samui is the perfect spot to spend a lazy day with your soulmate. 

Well, these were just a few of the things Thailand can offer. There are abundant water bodies, landscapes and beautiful staycation places in Thailand that can take a whole month or even more than that to explore.

You can start with these places and let us know about your experience. If you want to add any more place in the list, put it up in the comments section.