When the weather outside is frightful, grab your family and go on a warm-weather vacation. There's no better feeling than leaving the wet shoes and heavy jackets behind to put on a flowery Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. Warm-weather destinations in the United States are unlike any other warm-weather destination. 

While you're sitting by the fire with your hot cocoa, do you find yourself dreaming of an adventure through a magical land or a warm sunny beach? Your dream destinations await, take a journey to Florida, Hawaii, and California for their weather, beaches, and attractions.


If you have small children, your warm-weather destination plans might include attractions that the whole family will enjoy. Like California, Orlando, Florida has theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland and Seaworld. Disney World in Orlando is going to be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. 

There are a lot of new attractions coming in over the next year for the celebration. If you have small children, while you're journeying through magical lands and visiting animals you're going to need the help of your trusty stroller. Your stroller may be too heavy to lug around and stroller rentals at the parks are typically located inside the front gate which means you'll have to carry your babies through the long line to get into the gates. Not to mention, stroller rentals in large theme parks can be expensive. Looking into stroller rentals in Orlando will save you time, arm strength, and money.

Bargain shopping is the best in Orlando. There are premium outlets located around the city that have top brand name stores for everyone in the whole family to enjoy.


Hawaii is known for its scenery, dancing, and surfing. There are dormant volcanoes, national parks, and zoos you can visit. If you're a history buff you can tour historic sites like Pearl Harbour. The best place you can go to Hawaii is the beach!  Snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, fishing, and taking submarine rides are a scenic way to explore the ocean and view all of the marine life. Try taking an adventure through caves or mountain climbing. 

If you're truly looking to have fun in the sun you need to go surfing. Feel the ocean breeze from the land or the middle of a wave. The waves on the beaches in Hawaii are of epic proportions and if you're a beginner you should consider getting some surfing lesson training in before you ride the waves. If you love the outdoors, Hawaii may be the warm-weather vacation destination your family will love.


California is home to Hollywood, Universal Studios, and Disneyland. Disneyland and Disney World Orlando are both expanding with a lot of new attractions like the new Star Wars land for all to enjoy. California is a great place to shop for top designer brand names. Some of the most famous people in the world head out to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to indulge in fine shopping. If you're a Hollywood buff enjoy touring through the neighborhoods catching glimpses of A list celebrity homes. Stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and see which celebrity prints your family's hands and feet fit in!

There's no doubt that Florida, Hawaii, and California are the best warm-weather hot spots in America. Orlando is the go-to destination for children and families. Don't miss out on the new upcoming attractions for Disney World's 50th anniversary. If you're tired of using your auto-starter to warm up your car each morning and need a break, book your family a ticket to a warm-weather destination today. You won't regret it!