Getting Christmas gifts for your loved ones can be difficult, especially when they are in their teenage years. That's because this is the age when they try to figure out who they are, what they like, how they behave, so this growth process leaves you with just a few options that won't be regarded as "wrong." However, there are some Christmas gift ideas for teenagers they could really benefit from; so, here's the list we came up with, let us know if you have any additional recommendations and/or feedback you'd like to share. 

1. Cool Pillows


Urban Outfitters is just one of the top shops that sell cool pillows! Their bedroom will look so much cozier and nicer for Christmas with the new decoration that they got. Also, think about the moment when they'll going to go to college - they will be able to take this beautiful memory with them. And who knows - maybe this pillow could remember them to be less messy. 

2. You Can Never Go Wrong with Nikes

Whether your teenager works out or not, a pair or wisely chosen Nikes is always a great choice. If they work out, they'll be impressed with the high quality of the product and if they don't, they'll be incentivized to leave their comfort zone and hit the gym. You could choose multiple colors, but as far as I've heard, white creps are highly recommended.

3. Faux Leather Jacket

A faux leather, puffy jacket will help teenagers stay warm and look fashionable, both at the same time. They will look original and authentic, giving them an increased incentive to wear the jacket everywhere, anytime. Okay.... their friends might have puffer jackets as well, but the one you'll buy will be way COOLER.

4. Apple Air Pods with Charging Case

Wireless air pods are the best! No more tangled air plugs, a better sound system, and an ability to pick up music from where you left it. Your teenager will be thrilled with this Christmas gift simply because it is an easy-to-use device and a cool upgrade from the traditional headphones. It's a high-tech gift, but it's worth it!

5. A Brand-New VR Set

If you decide to pick a new VR set for your teenager, you must understand their needs and what their preferences are; that is, you cannot buy just any VR headset, you must look for the ones that make the most sense in the given context. For instance, if your child is into gaming, make sure you buy a more professional headset (or, if you cannot afford that financially, switch to another one of the Christmas gift ideas 2020!), but if he or she is just getting starting into this Virtual Reality world, buy a headset for beginners (there is really no need to spend money on something more expensive when they are not pro).

6. Any Book Worth Reading 


I don't have book names nor will I give out any. However, you could contact custom essay service by Edubirdie and ask them for advice. In any case, this is completely your choice as a parent. I think one of the most important things we must do in life is teach children to be responsible, loving, and open to this world. It is also crucial to teach them all the goods and bads in life and let them make decisions for themselves. So, if you have a book worth reading, I think this might actually be one of the most Christmas gift ideas you could think of.

7. Customized Tumblers for Their Hot or Cold Drinks

Another one of the amazing Christmas gift ideas for teens is a customized tumbler, because who doesn't enjoy hot coco in a cool tumbler? Whether they choose to take it to the gym or to class, they will be surprised and impressed with such a gift. There are many options to choose from - you can customize by choosing from a wide variety of styles, colors, and fonts. Also, you can add other special features to it, just make sure you look up the details ahead of time.

8. Name Necklaces

A name necklace is another personalized present that will definitely get the job done. You can use either silver or gold and pick any size you prefer. You can also choose the length of it or even make it stick to the neck as a choker (usually, for girls)!

9. An Amazon Gift card

If you are not sure what to get them but want to get it right, the simplest thing to do is let them pick. Give your teenager the opportunity to do so by purchasing an Amazon gift card. The process is easier than expected, here are the basic steps: go to Amazon gift cards page, choose the type of gift you would like to buy, add it to your carts, proceed to checkout and then, after providing the required info, submit your order and wait for it to arrive!

10. The New Polaroid OneStep+

If your teenager is a photo addict, this might be the perfect gift for him or her. This bright camera takes the most perfect memories, including i-Type films and a burst of 16 colorful designs! The coolest thing about this new polaroid is that is has a 60-day battery life, high-quality lens, and it is ready to shoot anytime!


Whatever you choose to give your teenager, I'm sure they'll love it as much as they love you. In the end, even though we try to please the ones that we love as much as we can, the gesture counts. All you must do is make sure you put love when buying/making that present! The rest will follow. Merry Christmas and be happy!


Connie Elser is an entrepreneur and freelance writer in the United Kingdom. Her number one passion is giving out parent advice to those who seek it. Connie is planning to travel the world to help end the hunger crisis.