Trying to find the right present for the female traveler in your life can be tricky. They may live a minimalist lifestyle in their travels and if traveling is not be your thing, it might be quite difficult to choose something to gift them with this holiday season.

To each their own, is a good guide set but this quote, "Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice" might be a good thing to remember as wellBe aware that some girls are made of adventure, fine beer, brains and some other tough stuff.

While there are only so many Lonely Planet guidebooks you can buy when making this decision, but if you have a woman in your life who is constantly checking flight prices and talking about her next trip to some foreign country, we have a few suggestions to add.

1. Dana Xu Silk Wrap (Click the link to check the price)

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(Click the photo to check the price)

A silk wrap can warm her in the plane when the air conditioning is cranked too high, dress up her evening outfit, and keep her modest when walking into a temple overseas. Dana Xu's wool wraps are popular for their rich vibrant colors and patterns.

The wool wraps were made in China using 100% fine wool from Australia and New Zealand. It is for hand-wash only and no washing machine drying is allowed. Also, it should be dried by hanging and ironed with low temperature.

2. GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm (Click the link to check the price)

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(Click the link to check the price)

An estimated 4,800 burglaries occur in the United States every single day; better safe than sorry. Simply wedge this doorstopper under your hotel room door. If someone tries to break in, it will make it very difficult for them to open the door and will sound a loud alarm.

The door alarm needs no wires as well as tough installations. You will have to buy separately a one nine-volt battery for the power. It is similar to Doberman's portable doorknob alarm as it is also a compact and portable alarm. The pressurized lever can detect even a slight budge that will activate the 120 dB alarm.

3. Pop Fashion Hidden Pocket Scarves (Click the link to check the price)

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(Click the photo to check the price)

For the safety of her items, the female traveler in your life might want a stylish travel scarf with a special hidden pocket that can be used for your passport, or phone.

Made with 100% polyester, the fabric is light and tolerable for suitable during the summer months. You can wear it long, or double wrap it for a more full look.

4. Instax Mini 9 Camera (Click the link to check the price)

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(Click the photo to check the price)

A common sight at weddings and parties, this film camera is similar to taking Polaroids but has better quality. It is also comes in many fun colors for the asthetics. Mini 9 sports new shades including Flamingo Pink, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue and Smoky White.

Unlike Mini 8, it has a selfie mirror near the iris to help you get the perfect angle when you want to get yourself in the frame, as well as a close-up-ready lens and a high-key mode for brighter photo.

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