Get ready to play a real-life version of "Where's Waldo?" to "Where's Gilbert?" at the Logan International Airport searching for Gilbert Ott, a blogger who promises an upgraded seat if recognized.

Gilbert Ott who founded the travel tips website God Save the Points is gamely offering a rare offer to exchange his first-class seats with passengers who spot him at the airport, or even just at chance encounters where he travels to.

The 32-year-old became viral in his "Catch Me If You Can" campaign in 2017 where he offered travelers the chance to swap their economy class seats for his business class seats if they commit his face to memory and find him at the airport.

God Save The Points is a website that gives travel information on how to use points or deals to save money on flights.

Simply ask to swap your economy ticket with his boarding pass and Gilbert will gladly take your seat at the back of the plane.

Ott, a frequent flier living between New York and London, said, "For the flights, it takes a bit of luck because we'll need to be on the same flight, but if you find me loitering around the gate area, at check-in, security or anywhere else before the flight - on the way to the airport for instance - I'll totally swap seats and you can enjoy the comfy stuff, and I'll take whatever you've got on the plane, even if it's the last row."

Teaming up with Capital One Venture for 2019, in addition to the flight upgrades, travelers could also win a night at a hotel suite, tickets to sold-out James Beard dinners, and other goodies along the way.

If you missed him at the airport, be on the lookout for him at New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, and D.C., where he'll be giving away prizes like Michelin-starred dinners and nights at luxe hotel suites.

Ott has upgraded 40 happy travelers in total in the 2017 contest. This year promises to be better, as he has partnered with Capital One Venture and other providers who've supplied him with extra giveaway perks to hand out.

The game is called "Where's Gilbert?" and is referred to on his website as a "promotional stunt."

He said on God Save the Points, "This time around, I'm focusing on the places and the people who have been so kind to support me over the years, and allow me to live the dream of writing about travel for a living."

Ott made the contest more accessible to people who couldn't necessarily afford to travel and "who might just want a night of R&R and amusement."

Two lucky winners will be given the keys to the Penthouse Suite at New York's Plaza Hotel and the hotel is arranging ice cream sundaes for the winners.

To be granted a seat upgrade, find him at the following 12 cities worldwide: Barcelona, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, Warsaw, and Washington, D.C.

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