Alpha Travel Insurance has analyzed twenty destinations across the most visited cities in Europe, and named which cities have the highest number of attraction on offer. Based on simply the number of points of interest each has to offer, Paris took the title as the city with the most attractions in Europe - listing 5,800 on offer - while London then Barcelona followed respectively. This is because travelers generally base their vacations around popular sights to see.

Paris, the City of Love, is known for its picturesque side streets, architectural landscapes and delicious food all amounting to 5800.

The most common attractions on offer in the City of Lights includes a selection of tours, spas and wellness activities and shopping which are therapeutic and educational. In a week exploring its highlights, you can take a boating tour down the Seine River, spend the day going through one of almost 300 museums in the city, or stare at one of the most visited sights in the world - the Eiffel Tower.

Second in the list, London the perfect location for a weekend trip of retail therapy. You can treat yourself at the shops in Oxford Street, Regent Street and Mayfair. The global city has many parks and museums to visit that there is no way you can pack everything into one trip. For concerts and shows, the West End is popular for hosting some of the most historic theaters in Europe with daily shows. Starting from London, you can take day trips to the countryside or to France.

For its 5,079 attractions, Barcelona in Spain been receiving a multitude of tourists. There were 4.4 million cruise passengers through their major cruise terminal in 2018. It has beautiful beaches, a thrilling Spanish nightlife, tons of Michelin star restaurants that will overjoy any foodie, and renowned museums to architectural wonders.

Moscow is the place to visit if you truly want to see some sights from your favorite book "Anna Karenina." The Red Square plaza is home to Kremlin, Lenin's Mausoleum, St. Basil's Cathedral, State Historical Museum, GUM shopping mall and the Kazan Cathedral. Pushkin, Moscow's premier foreign-art museum, shows off masterpieces from ancient civilizations, the Italian Renaissance and the Dutch Golden Age.

Prague, Czech Republic is the location to visit with 758 nightlife attractions on offer if you love partying. Explore the Old Town Square and spend some time trying to figure out the Astronomical Clock or take a boat cruise on the Vltava and relax at a beer spa in what is touted to be one of the prettiest cities in Europe. Meanwhile, Old Town Square is lined with pastel Baroque buildings reminiscent of classic fairy tales.

Following the cities is Istanbul with over 200 spas or wellness attractions and over 300 museums. The Sultanahmet Mosque, more casually referred to as Blue Mosque for the blue tiles that command its interior, the mosque is surmounted with 13 domes (5 big and 8 smaller) and six minarets. Another attraction to visit is the Hagia Sophia Museum which was once a church, then a mosque and now a thousand-year-old museum. Warning: don't make a wish inside and find out why.

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