Sometimes it is more fun to give than to receive. Christmas and New Year are almost here, and that means buying the obligatory gifts for family, friends, and your special someone. It is hard to come up with something that really feels thoughtful on a budget. But you can balance affordable with personal.

These gifts should be useful for both travelers and would be-travelers. Find little things that will make their planned trips easier, like a portable power bank, or their everyday just a little more fun, like a box of champagne-infused gummy bears.

We also challenge you to find a gift for a frequent traveler that is very light weight and easy to pack; something cool and creative; your gift recipient is extremely unlikely to already own. The gift can't cost more than US$10.

Purchase some of these early stocking stuffers for the holidays or simply browse this post to see what is out there: (Sign up for Amazon Prime to get free shipping. They offer a free 30-day trial.)

1. Norlanya Portable Back Massager (Click the link to check the price)

(Photo :

(Click the photo to check the price)

For mountain hikers or simply to relieve sitting on a plane for hours at a time or riding in a car that can cause your body to tense up, this is the answer to the traveler in your life's back, neck, or shoulder pain.

The massager has a heat mode with 2 temperature levels and an air pressure function that works by squeezing acupuncture points on your forehead. Compact and gentle, the contours of the 3-part massaging head are great for small muscle groups. There is a timer that can be set for 5, 10 or 15 minute periods and the remote control is simple and easy to use.

2. Aura Cacia Essential Oil Blend (Click the link to check the price)

(Photo :

(Click the photo to check the price)

If your friend has a diffuser as a travel accessory, he/she is going to want to have something to put in it.

Aura Cacia's philosophy in the power of positive change for the lives of women globally and in their own lives. They support those organizations that help girls and women change their lives for the better. This product (Inspiration) was made to promote an atmosphere of creativity and enthusiasm. 

Plants are sourced from around the world to provide the best essential oils and skin care oils.

3. Bobble Water Bottle (Click the link to check the price)

(Photo :

(Click the photo to check the price)

Your traveler buddy who doesn't want to get sick abroad from drinking tap water will find this useful. (And they come in cute colors too if he/she likes aesthetics.)

The Bobble water bottle comes with a cap with a built-in carbon filter, that filters the water as you drink. The bottle is eco-friendly for being reusable too. Each filter is good for 300 water bottles in a span of 2 months.

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