Consider gifting your loved ones the beauty and skin care treats they want but won't buy for themselves. Caring for others is done best while also practicing self-care.

What do you give that friend who can't seem to stay put all year-round, the girl with several passports, or the guru you go to when you need tips on which places to visit?

The holidays just wouldn't be complete without beauty gifts for the glamour lover in your life, whether they want a new high-tech beauty tool to help them with aging concerns like silk pillowcases to boost their beauty while they sleep or bottles of perfume that they can treasure. The holiday is the one time of year when it's acceptable to blow your cash on the adorable travel sets that you see when you're in the checkout line at Sephora, Nordstrom, or ULTA.

Here are some ideas on beauty products that will speak to the lady in your life who stays on the go:

1. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Dreamgasm (Click the link to check the price)

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(Click the link to check the price)

This palette can brighten up an evening look or complete a daytime one. This Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette includes champagne, copper-bronze and rose-gold shades that are both festive and neutral. The fourth colour stands out the most as it has different texture from the others - it's rougher and with a gorgeous glittery sparkle. These are perfect nude-pink Pillow Talk shades.

It was inspired by the original and best-selling Pillow Talk Luxury Eyeshadow Palette. The palette was created as a companion piece to work with the original palette. The palette comes in a simple, small compact with a nicely-sized mirror. Don't go into these with a brush, but use your fingers.

2. Clinique My Happy Perfumes (Click the link to check the price)

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(Click the photo to check the price)

These six layer-able fragrances-peony, neroli, jasmine, sweet lily and coconut, cocoa and musk, and citrus-each come into their own brightly-colored bottle. Perfumes can be a thoughtful, personalized gift. With Clinique's revamp of the Happy fragrance line, the brand is working to recapture the essence of feeling good. They even polled millions of shoppers across the world for the scents that made them feel happy. People told the brand that they find happiness in the little moments they've always valued. 

They are dermatologist-developed and allergy-tested.

3. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask Hydration Set (Click the link to check the price)

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(Click the link to check the price)

Get your traveler friend's skin appearing more visibly radiant and glowy on a plane, train, or in a car before she reaches her destination. It will feel well-hydrated and nourished for that "I Woke up Like This" look.

It is a microfiber sheet mask saturated in - you guessed it - egg (egg yolk and egg white extracts to be exact). The sheet mask comes with a stiff net backing you don't see normally. In less than 20 minutes, the idea is that the egg extracts seep deep into skin to hydrate, while niacinamide makes your complexion look radiant.

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