Traveling with a suitcase increases the chances of losing it or getting it damaged. Just the cost of ancillary fees and waiting for it at the carousel in the baggage claim area of the airport at the destinations area are uncomfortable. But nothing beats the chance of theft of your belongings while they are out of your sight. Items keep going missing from traveler's luggage in many unpredictable ways.

1. Passengers often clip a padlock onto the zip of their suitcase, securing the fasten in place with a key. Zip ties are recommended.

One airline worker recently revealed that using a padlock isn't necessarily beneficial in protecting your bags. The worker commented, "Some might take it as a sign that the bag is worth searching." This method could actually raise the risk of the luggage being broken into, damaged - or even stolen. People who work for airlines would ask, what are secrets passengers don't know?"

How does a thief pick a lock on a zippered bag? "You can pop a zipper with a pen and drag the locked zipper pulls around the bag to close them back up," said another user.

Luckily, there is a cheap alternative that will provide both peace of mind and save your bag from danger. Zip ties are recommended as a cheap way to keep your zips together. During security searches, the zip tie can be easily clipped apart.

2. Buy a hard-sided suitcase.

Most common suitcases are made of fabric and are maneurable zippers, so a resourceful thief can easily bypass your lock by cutting through the fabric or using a pointed object to open the zipper. A hard case with clasps will be more protective. Again, avoid hard suitcases with built-in locks as these are usually TSA ones and are easily broken into.

3. Avoid placing important or valuable items in your checked suitcase.

Over the past few years, among the items that were commonly stolen out of checked bags are a $5,000 watch, gold rings, iPads and cameras. There is also the possibility that valuable items could potentially be damaged. You shouldn't pack anything in your checked bag has a high monetary or personal value that you can't part with. Noteworthy important items that you can't part with are laptops, tablets, smartphones, prescription medications and - perhaps most importantly - your passport. Baggage handlers are not exactly well-versed for being careful with handling your belongings.

Place pricey souvenirs that you purchase during your travels should be within reach in your carry-on or if they're too large, shipped in the safety of your home or to a trusted friend's house.

4. Know what you packed by writing it down on a list.

Keep the list on your mobile device, keep a picture of your list or save it in Google Docs. You will notice when a theft has occured using this, thus making it easier to report because you can note which items are missing. By being mindful and writing your list out early, you can make sure everything you own is in good condition.