So you want your grand, exciting, possibly once-in-a-lifetime trip to run smoothly. Then you'd lose your plane ticket, pick up the wrong passport, forget to pack your best swim shorts and end up arguing with a taxi driver because your phrase book is, well, foreign. And not to mention, going through the official apps or websites of each airline, hotel, or tourist destination can become tedious to the point of exhaustion. 

Traveling can be particularly chaotic throughout the holiday season, unless you have some of the best holiday travel apps downloaded on your phone. In this day and age, technology has become so accessible that there are numerous travel apps to choose from. Whether you're traveling to an international destination or your cozy hometown, these essential travel apps will help with everything from airport logistics and solid internet to staying relaxed on the road. Your research and arrival will be made easier.

1. Viber

If you're studying abroad during the holiday season or going to be in another country, Viber uses your data or Wi-Fi connection to make international calls for free, and lets you start group chats with no hassle from the comfort of your new "home."

Viber doesn't drain your battery or use up your device's memory, so you can always receive your incoming calls and message notifications without burdening your device. It uses less data and can call any mobile or landline worldwide with paid Viber Out plan. 

2. SaferVPN

To avoid identify theft abroad (and get access to blocked sites in other countries), download a VPN. Your personal information is at risk when the network is unprotected.

If you click on the map marker to the right of the Connect button, a second panel shows up on the left with a list of SaferVPN's possible connections which includes 41 options including two U.S. connections, and U.S. and UK streaming servers.

3. Google Trips

Google Trips tracks your trip reservations, recommends sights to see, creates day plans based on geographical areas or interests (such as architecture), finds places to eat, offers discounts on attractions, and shares emergency and "need to know" tips.

Other than compiling all your personal travel info (tickets, reservations, etc) and combining that with top spots to see where you're going, Google Trips goes a step further and helps you plan your adventure based on what you're interested in and how much time you have.

4. PackPoint

PackPoint is the ultimate luggage hack to provide you everything you need to pack for a trip. Tap your destination, length of stay, activities and it puts together a comprehensive list of essentials, from socks and sunglasses to phone chargers and hair products.

5. TripIt

If you suffer from travel anxiety, this app is an absolute must. Just forward all your travel confirmation emails to the designated email address and your trip plans are consolidated into one master itinerary. It provides much information which is going to be useful for you before you leave, when you're at the airport, and once you get to your destination.