The Seattle-based companies have teamed up. You'll be one of the first guests to board a flight while you take a sip of your Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. Alaska Airlines is offering early boarding to passengers who are carrying a Starbucks holiday cup from November 7-10, according to USA Today, with Alaska calling it the "expresso lane".

Any cup, whether it's hot or cold, empty or not, including reusable holiday cups is eligible for the promotion. The Starbucks holiday cup is your express ticket, not the java. This gets you onto the plane following group B.

Some guests on select flights will also find some surprises from Starbucks when they get to their seats. Alaska said some passengers will even find Starbucks treats on their seats. "Some lucky guests on select flights might find surprise Starbucks treats on their seats, too," the airline said.

Of course, guests with First Class tickets or special airline status will still board first. Guests with the Starbucks holiday cup won't be the first in line because that is still reserved for first-class passengers and elite members of its frequent-flyer program sitting in either cabin. Customers with Starbucks holiday cups will be able to board before all standard, economy class passengers but not before first-class or specialty boarding (people flying with young children, people with disabilities, mileage plan members, premium class, or active members of the military).

It can still make a world of difference for people who would like to get situated before their flight. Not only does this give passengers more time to settle in, but it also potentially guarantees overhead bin space.

Since Starbucks locations at San Francisco, Atlanta and Minneapolis airports won't be using holiday cups because they are testing out special compostable cups, the airline said it will allow holiday cup sleeves from Starbucks instead, as they are trying out new compostable cups.

Alaska Airlines joined forces Starbucks for its purpose to kick off the 2019 holidays.

Be sure to arrive on time. You need to arrive 40 minutes before departure to get early boarding. Cup holders will board in the fifth boarding group.

In September, they offered the same boarding privileges to passengers wearing jerseys of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who is a company spokesman. Last year, Alaska let passengers board early if they wore ugly Christmas sweaters, which is celebrated the third Friday of December.

The promotion was announced one day after Starbucks released their festive new selection of holiday cups on Nov. 6, which come in four designs.

All the more reason not to skip that airport coffee run because aside from the envy of others and 50 cents off your grande or larger coffee after 2 p.m. between November 7 and January 7, this is another perk of the Starbucks Holiday re-usable cup.

If you're already eligible for early boarding, you don't get any additional perks with the Starbucks holiday cup.

You'll need the necessary caffeine-boost before flying 35,000 feet through the air. Make sure to listen to your gate agent to expedite your boarding process.