Europe is a continent that is generally very safe with low levels of crime and a respectful attitude towards women. Cities are becoming safer and female-friendly hotels are popping up. Many women today find themselves solo traveling. There are certain places that are naturally easier for visitors, and especially for solo female travelers and all-girl tourist groups. If you're among them, these women-friendly destinations are perfect for you. 

"The average adventure traveller today is not a 28-year-old male, but a 47-year-old female. And she wears a size 12 dress," said Marybeth Bond, famous traveler and author.

Here are ssome of the women-friendly travel destinations in Europe:

1. Sweden

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With great levels of equality and tolerance, all of Scandinavia is ideal for female travelers. In the north of the country, you can find stunning views of the Northern Lights. The Scandinavian land of Sweden is known for its laid back culture, seafood, and beautiful locations. 

Many people flock to the coastal regions to soak up the sun in a climate-friendly environment, or hike their way up the mountains. Sweden is a stunning country made up of thousands of islands. It is full of wides swaths of forest, nearly 100,000 lakes of varying sizes, and some of the most interesting cities and towns around.

The transport system in Sweden is excellent. Trains, buses and planes will take you pretty much anywhere.

2. Malaga, Spain

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Malaga is soulful. It has a thriving cultural and amazing art scene, with over 300 sunny days a year, hot summers and the warmest winters in Europe. This is the birthplace of Picasso and also home to the only other Pompidou Centre in the world.

See 285 works of Picasso in the Picasso Museum. Go in search of all the groovy street art here, strolling along the promenade and finishing your evening exploring the foodie scene on of the many buzzing restaurants with the locals.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

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Scotland ranks 45 on the Global Peace Index and is considered safe for female solo travelers. If you visit the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, there is a month-long arts festival called Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It's a rarity in that both, Old Town and New Town are World Heritage Sites.

Take a guided tour of the Edinburgh Castle and take in the medieval architecture. You can watch over a lively city best known for her world-famous summer festivals and the many writers, painters, and scientists who have lived here. Also, take a tour of the royal 16th-century residence Palace of Holyroodhouse.

4. Canada

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Canada is one of the most liberal countries in the world, also making it a women-friendly travel destination. It has the lowest crime rates in the world. Charming cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto consistently rank as the top cities in terms of quality of life.

It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, full of picturesque forests, mountains, and lakes. Canada's snowy climate and mountainous geography has produced no shortage of must-visit parks and resorts.

Canada is a very affordable option for people without too much money in their travel budgets. You will also be able to appreciate urban life in Canada because of its many cities.