Here's what you don't want to end up in: you realize the images of the places you visit simply don't do it justice and you're stuck with nothing to show for your journey of a lifetime.

We're not all professional photographers with the best equipment money can buy and superb editing skills. But there is hope: you just need the right tools to boost your game. The best travel photography accessories are packable, affordable, and easy-to-use.

Travel photography is like a time machine, freezing memories from a journey that you can look back on.

Here are our travel photography tips:

1. Use the Rule of Thirds.

According to the "Rule of Thirds", the human brain is attracted to objects that are either in the horizontal or vertical thirds of the frame. The image is broken to three equal parts either vertically, horizontally or both. Place key compositional elements into those thirds.

Beginner photographers will place their subjects in the dead center by default. Using central composition for every photo can get boring.

Try having your SO standing to the right or left side of the frame and displaying more of the background in the image too.

On a smartphone, turn on its grid to display the four intersecting lines.

2. Brighten shadows and tone down highlights.

This is to achieve better balance.

Underexposed photos are unavoidable if you're shooting in low-light or high-contrast conditions. Balance the exposure by brightening the shadows and darkening the highlights.

Add a touch of the Winsy filter from the Litely app to bring out the image's warm hues.

3. Foreground, Midground, and Background

Avoid the situation where your photograph is a two-dimensional image which doesn't manage to convey the majesty of the city skyline you were looking at.

Think about the different elements in the foreground, midground, and background of the shot. See if you can find something interesting in the foreground or midground to incorporate into the shot. Remember not to confuse your viewer too much with too many compositional elements.

This will help you create more balanced, pleasing images.

4. Edit the photo then reduce your adjustments by 50%.

Don't edit your pictures too heavily by editing your image as normal, then dial back everything to 50%. On Instagram, just tap your image and reduce its filter strength or intensity.

Clarity and Lux on Instagram often make images looked Photoshopped.

5. Forget selfies.

According to Will Coldwell, it is cooler to take a professional photographer with you. The latest holiday accessory is a professional photographer. Oftentimes we are less satisfied with the results of selfies because of the dodgy selfies or blurry scenery.

A vacation photography services is a business that connects local professional photographers from around the world who are available to shoot your vacation. Companies such as SweetEscape, Flytographer and Shoot My Travel have honed in on the rose-tinted travel fantasies of the Instagram generation. Many travellers nowadays want to have a magazine-worthy set of photos displayed on their Instagram accounts.

Make sure to follow these tips to have those magazine-wothy photos. Enjoy your trip.