Travel and tourism brands are using storytelling to promote destinations around the world. During the planning stages of a big trip, travelers rely on digital and online channels to make their purchasing decisions.

Travel brands must be as creative as possible to stand out in the crowded social conversation. Here are some unique stand-outs:

1. Visit Britain's GREAT campaign

The four-year, £100m campaign began in 2011 and focused on culture, heritage, sport, music, countryside, food, shopping, and the Bond movie, Skyfall.

The New York Subway, Paris Metro, and 100 taxis across Delhi was draped with the Union flag and a series of GREAT images as part of a Britain's biggest ever tourist campaign to encourage more international visitors to the UK.

The campaign aims to build awareness of Britain's attractiveness as a tourism destination among those who have not yet visited Britain, encourage prior visitors to return, and provide a series of opportunities and incentives - working in partnership with the private sector - to visit Britain now.

In 2015 and 2016, the campaign has generated over £800 million in additional visitor spend by overseas visitors, £12.7 million in partner funding (cash and in kind) for their inbound activity and continuing to fly the banner for GREAT Britain.

2. Doors Of Thrones

Tourism Ireland's campaign took destroyed remnants of battered trees from the 400-year-old The Dark Hedges tourist attraction and carved them into a set of 10 intricate doors and hung across the country, with each one telling the story of a season 6 episode of Game of Thrones and thrilling fans while also creating new spots in the country to visit.

Each door was placed on a pub in Northern Ireland to create a 10-stop bar crawl paying homage to both The Dark Hedges and Northern Ireland's connection to a hit TV show.

Instead of focusing on one storyline, door 10 at The Dark Horse Coffee House, Belfast, features a number of symbols in reference to key events taking place across the whole of the seven kingdoms, as season 6 draws to a close.

3. Swedish Number

The simplicity and absurdity of calling up the 'Swedish number' garnered lots of international media coverage, reportedly worth $147 million.

In 2012, VisitSweden handed off the country's official Twitter handle, @Sweden, to ordinary Swedes - and let them post more or less whatever they liked.

In 2016, the Swedish Tourist Association and INGO gave the country its very own telephone number which is open to anyone in the world. When people call +46 771 793 336, they are connected to a random Swedish citizen (with no formal training) and can chat about any random subject.

There have been thousands of conversations between Swedes and other people from around the world. It's fair to assume that a good chunk of the conversations is about discussing Sweden from an insider's perspective. The authentic interactions is the best way to spread a positive image about the country, according to the Swedish Tourism Association.

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