Who would have ever thought that the place you might staying in could be one of the most haunted hotels in America? Well, we all know that the hotels are one of the most convenient places where travelers can stay, it also provides services, food, and refreshment for those people who want to relax and chill. But, how can you relax in a hotel if you knew that aside from you, there is also someone who you can't see staying in the place where you at? 

There are a lot of hotels operating that you can stay with, but check this top 5 most haunted hotels in America. It's up to you if you will stay or not.

1. Stanley Hotel

Regarded as one of the most "spirited" hotels in America and best known for inspiring Stephen King's "The Shining" after the authored stayed one winter night. The hotel was originally built to house traveling, bourgeois city-folk and provided cars and servants to all their visitors in 1909. Modern guests report the sound of untraceable piano music and maniacal laughs and are said to be the playful spirits of the deceased guests and employees.

2. Omni Homestead

It was built in 1766. Timeless story: A jilted woman commits suicide after her groom-to-be left her on their wedding day and never returned. It happened in the oldest wing of one of the oldest resorts in the country. Since that tragic happened,  the woman wandered the 4th floor aimlessly, stopping guests and employees asking for the time and hoping that she'll catch her groom-to-be to come back to her.

3. Queen Anne 

Miss Mary Lake, the headmistress of the school for girls that opened here in 1890 has been looking after her guests who were staying in her former office like surely did for her pupils from generations ago. Some reported that their clothes were unpacked already and some have woken up realizing their blanket is neatly tucked around them. Not all ghosts will leave you cold.

4. Hotel Provincial

Guest at New Orleans' Hotel Provincial reported sightings of Civil War soldiers and surgeons roaming around and bloodstains appearing and disappearing on the bedding in some rooms. Formerly Confederate Hospital.

5. Hollywood Roosevelt

One of the restless spirits haunts Hollywood's glamorous Hotel Roosevelt thought to be Marilyn Monroe where she lived for 2 years while her modeling career was taking off. She has been seen by the guest in mirrors in her suite. Actor Montgomery Clift also said the most active spirits in the hotel, specifically in Room 928, as well as the hallways.

Not all spirits or ghosts have bad intentions, but they are just letting people know that they are still present in the human world, not in a physical aspect but some ways. Some ghosts are staying because of unfinished business, unexpected death, or some reasons that we really do not know. We, humans, should not be afraid of them; instead, we just have to respect their spirits and let it be.