Travel trends keep on changing and are creating a great buzz to tourists.  The pattern of travel trends from early 2019 until this time, as observed by travel industries, is shifting from long, large, and pure vacation purposes to short and mixed vacation purposes. Let us see what's likely to be trendy in the next year by observing the biggest travel trends in 2019.

Mini Vacations 

In going for short vacations, you have to consider how long would it be to travel to and back in the place you choose to visit. The area should be easily accessed for a short vacation. You also have to select the time-saving activities yet meaningful and memorable ones. It could be a short family vacation or solo vacation.

Walk touring is most recommended in this kind of vacation. Native foods, gallery excursions, and photo walks are the most exciting activities you can do. There are many "walkable" cities in the world where you can enjoy these meaningful activities such as Kowloon in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, London, England, and many others which you always have own preference.

Wellness-oriented Tours 

With the accessibility of health information on the web, wellness-conscious travellers always associate tourism with health. As reported by the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is growing very fast and has produced more attractions with wellness orientations. One valid example is the existence of hot springs all over the world. These are believed to have healing capabilities and so were developed and turned to resorts.

The wellness destinations most travellers chose include nature, particularly weather, peaceful and quiet spots, spas, culture, yoga, and outdoor fitness activities. These wellness destinations will not only relieve you physically but also spiritually. There are many places in the world that offer services like these, such as in Hawaii, Italy, Bali, Arizona, and many more.

Bleisure Trips 

This vacation combines business with leisure. Most of those who travel for business give themselves many chances to enjoy tourism after business. Most travellers in bleisure trips like these look for the closest tourist destination to explore since they have only limited destination preferences in the place or country they travel for business. Furthermore, they are not traveling for vacation but looking for business opportunities in the place they visit. The best activities to do during these kinds of vacation is mall shopping, souvenir hunting, and walk touring. But you can still expand as long as your availability permits. Beaches, equestrians, and golf courses are the next best activities to do.

Social Media-inspired Holidays 

In today's digital age, choosing holiday destinations is most likely social media-inspired. Alluring images of beautiful destinations are posted on social media and websites that allow first-timers to have initial experience with the potential destination. Once visited, traveller may opt to come back or not or may refer the destination to friends. Since images on social media platforms are mostly artistic, there are more real-life aesthetically artistic destinations that you can choose from such as in Rome, Italy, Paris, France, Berlin, and Germany.  

Keeping up with the 4 biggest travel trends will keep you more active on all of your travel pursuits and itinerary. This will even make your travel journey more successful and even more enjoyable.