Traveling to Asia is one such big adventure to make if you are a Westerner as this continent gives you great waves of excitement and other things you may not encounter in your own region or continent. Asian travel may bring you a variety of experiences with lots of tourist spots to explore, bringing you even closer to nature. Yet, your travel experience must not always be expensive. You can always enjoy going on tour with the best for every journey you want to have.

Here are the 5 Asia's cheapest travel destinations for as low as $25 minimum spend each day.

Cambodia at $25/day 

Basic dorms, alcohol, and food are the most affordable things here. You will get some days of eating delicious meat skewers at extremely affordable price. This can actually cost you just a dollar or two.  While hostels are quite cheap,'s new boutique hotels come at affordable rates too. You even feel and look gorgeous for a couple of nights with its cool pool.

Meal rates daily range from $5 to $10 with free breakfast in some hostels. The price range goes the same as the accommodation hostels. For transportation, you can go for an affordable bus ticket or the day's motorbike. Both options range from $6 to $15. Get a SIM card with 1.5GB data allocation that's valid for a month for just $2. Look how much you save here in Cambodia!

Laos at $30/day 

Laos has a cheaper meal rate yet with more expensive accommodation than Cambodia. However, the transportation rate here is just the same as Cambodia's. It will cost you about $6 to get a SIM card with 1.5 GB data allocation for a month.

Going around Laos with some of its naturally best attractions is even more affordable. It just costs $2.50 for getting on tour with one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls. You can also get a Vang Vieng river's tubing experience for a dull day at $7. Relax your tired muscles after a long on tour with tiger balm massage at $6.

Vietnam at $30/day

Try Vietnam's cheapest yet healthiest street foods. Food prices will surely amaze you here, like having a delicious soup with rice noodles, broth, cilantro, and pork for just $1.50. Coffee lovers will love coffee even more here as you can have a strong aromatic cup for just $1. You can even rent a motorbike for your full day's activities. If this is not your thing, you can go for a GrabBike for as low as $0.50 for every 2km ride.

Meals range from $5 to #10 each day with some hostels offering free breakfast with coffee, fruit, and baguette. Accommodation in hostels comes at the same rate range. You can have a SIM card with 1.5GB allocation for $2 valid for 1 month.

Northern Thailand at $30/day 

Thailand's northern part is truly affordable. Stick around such popular Northern places as Pai and Chiang Mai with basic dorms that are below $5. Try pad Thai and other delicious street foods for that really awesome food trip experience. Enjoy your stay hiking, getting a day trip with car rental services, or get on a White Temple visit. You can also have a SIM card here with 1.5GB data allocation at $7.

Indonesia at $30/day 

Transportation in Indonesia is a major factor that you need to be very careful with, as it can cost you a lot or give you the cheapest possible rate. Island hopping with a private boat and intercity traveling can be very costly. To get the cheapest deals, take local transportation within a certain region or two.

Food and drinks in Indonesia are absolutely cheap and delicious. You can even enjoy hiking, scooter riding through the mountains, or even chasing waterfalls and other activities at extremely affordable costs. Get your very own SIM card with 2GB data allocation for just $5.

Travel Asia now and feel the difference for bigger savings and greater travel delights and experiences worth remembering through the years.