Still operating or shuttered, which hotels in America are said to be the most haunted?

Why not try going to them with a group? After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And what's that overused motto? Face your fears.

Here are our list of the spookiest haunted hotels if you're in for the adventure:

1. Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado

Stephen King based "The Shining" on a personal experience of some of the paranormal activity when he and his wife stayed at the hotel in 1974 one winter night. It was later adapted into the classic Jack Nicholson horror film. The hotel has also hosted its fair share of paranormal investigators from shows like The Travel Channel's "Ghost Hunters" and SyFy's "Ghost Adventures."

The hotel features 420 rooms plus ballrooms, dining areas, and an underground cave system.

The most famed spot in the Stanley Hotel is Room 217. Stephen King and his wife ate dinner in an empty dining room while pre-recorded orchestra music played before retreating to their room on the spacious (and eerily empty) second floor. He woke up that night to a terrifying dream about his 3-year-old son being chased through the corridors and screaming. Jerking out of bed, King realized it was a dream.

2. Hawthorne Hotel - Salem, Massachusetts

Stay in room 621 or 325 of this nearly 100-year old hotel if you want to see faucets and lights turning on and off by themselves. A female apparition is wandering the hallway outside of room 612. 

It is also the site of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, while Bewitched filmed several episodes at the property.

The hotel has 93 rooms, which include 6 suites.

The colonial city has more than its share of witchcraft and paranormal activity. Bridget Bishop, who was executed during the witch trials, was the owner of an apple orchard where the hotel is now located.

3. Bourbon Orleans Hotel - New Orleans, Louisiana

Guests and staff of Bourbon Orleans Hotel say they have seen the ghosts of a Confederate soldier, women, children, and dancer.

The ghosts at Bourbon Orleans are more interactive in nature. One guest at this hotel claimed to have been slapped by a spirit after uttering a profanity. More than a few employees and guests have reported smelling cigar smoke in the lobby. Ghosts have gusto.

Once the hotel was the site of the famous Orleans Theater and formerly a school and the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Family. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel has been part of New Orleans history since 1817. Many ghosts from different eras of the building's history roam the halls.

Concierge and licensed tour guide John Fitzpatrick will take you to a haunted history tour of the hotel.

Pro tip: Take five or six quick shots to capture a fleeting spirit. Oh, and bring up back-up batteries because paranormal experts will tell you if spirits are present, they'll have a draining effect on your batteries. Visit the hotels on our list if you dare.