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The Best Destinations for Camper Van Travel

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Updated: May 28, 2019 01:19 PM EDT

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The best destinations for camper van travel
The best destinations for camper van travel
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Most travelers set their satnavs for the graceful highways of the previous dependables - North America, Australia, and New Seeland - and with the smart reason (not least the savings offered on dear accommodation), however, those willing to navigate the potholes of roads less cosmopolitan might notice richer rewards elsewhere.

For life lovers: African nation
You'll want a 4WD to tackle the preternatural landscapes of the African nation, wherever droning cities, stark desert scenes, and wildlife-rich national parks are unit amongst the highlights. fill up your tour with spectacular drives through the shape-shifting sand dunes of the desert and a stop-off to eyeball the prodigious oxidization shipwrecks on the Skeleton Coast. A word of caution: Namibia's roads are unit principally loose gravel and there is unit usually giant distances between cities, thus forward designing is important, as well as camp web site bookings.

For hardcore hikers: New Seeland
Travelers usually proclaim New Seeland to be the simplest destination for a camper van vacation - and it's arduous to argue otherwise. From shiny glaciers to wave-lashed shores, its landscapes bring a precise grandeur to road visits, whereas its hiking trails and the legion of campsites build the scenery eminently accessible.

For the geographically challenged: Chile
It's arduous to lose your approach on a camper van vacation in Chile, wherever the foolproof Pan-American road runs virtually straight down the spine of the country, dispatching road trippers to vibrant colonial cities, arid deserts and abundant national parks. It's not all regarding natural wonders. The 3364km Pan-American conjointly serves up swaggering seaboard cities within the variety of Iquique, La Serena, and Valdivia, and, of course, the capital, Santiago, behind that loom the lofty peaks of the chain of mountains.

For fans of the cold: Canadian province, Canada
Icefields road manages to distill virtually everything that's epic regarding the Canadian geographical region into a brisk 230-km camper van route. From sparkling glaciers to wilding meadows, covering mountains to cascading waterfalls, this road packs in some serious scenery. Before you come back the camper van, take a detour to the arenaceous rock hoodoos of Alberta's Badlands, associate alien-looking landscape wherever several the rarest archosaurian fossils famous to humanity are found.

For the hedonists: geographical region Australia
Like native bear bears to eucalyptus trees, road trippers have long been drawn to Australia's geographical region, wherever indulgent surf cities, vibrant coral reefs, and paradisiacal beaches offer the pretext for camper van capers. Buckle up in Sydney, wherever the booming market in used camper vans ought to turn out a reliable set of wheels for those wanting to shop for. because the theater disappears within the rear-view, the geographical region unfurls to reveal spectacular national parks, unconventional islands and hard-partying cities like Brisbane, Cairns and Surfers Paradise.

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