Driving to the center of America

With a touch gas and a few open roads, you'll drive into the heart of the North American nation, each virtually and figuratively. Here are 5 journeys that are strictly American; escapes from franchised contemporaneity and generic suburbs to authentic places that outline the state and produce life to the enduring pictures of your imagination.

San Francisco to Redwood Park

California's road one could be a vastly common drive. Traveler head south from the port of entry to geographic region and on the far side, however, those that head north can fancy a drive like no alternative. little coastal cities dot a route past wild beaches and sheer cliffs.

Start with associate degree painting crossing of the strait Bridge, then take road one north. At purpose poet National coast, breakers that started within the Pacific Ocean pound the sand with metronomic regularity.

Four Corners to the Grand Canyon

Whether it's a Duke Wayne picture, a Western or a Road Runner cartoon, Monument depression is visual shorthand for each comment of the yank west. high spires of rock alternate with topped buttes and stark vistas; you expect to listen to the cavalry charging within the distance.

St Joseph Louis Barrow to New Orleans

From the nation's center to the terrible heart of the Old South, this drive is associate degree only-in-America spectacle of music, food, and culture from beginning to end. St Louis, famed for its blues, options entryway Arch, that honors the pioneers UN agency touched west. however flip south and follow the watery artery of the nation: the Mississippi.

Boston to Acadia Park

It begins with MA-1A taking you northeast out of Hub of the Universe toward Salem, Massachusetts. spiritual beliefs have forever vied a powerful role in North American nation life, but in 1692, Salem became the center of non-secular mania, as fears unfold that the town's ladies were witches. the next historic trials had deadly consequences, a reason for visiting the city nowadays.

Miami to Town
Head south from the palm-fringed urban pleasures of Miami for the string of pearls stretching into the Caribbean known as the coral reef. The road here (US road 1) is named the Overseas road and it's simply that: a made-up ribbon that spends longer on bridges over the attractive blue waters than ashore.