Airbnb is growing more popular by the day, with untold thousands of homes across the nation being opened up to needy tourists who want a trendy place to spend their holidays in. Despite the ever-growing prominence of Airbnb, many potential users of the service find themselves uncomfortable with embarking on their first Airbnb adventure. This is perfectly natural, as the personal nature of Airbnb that makes it so attracting to many customers can make it intimidating and confusing to others.

Here's everything you need to know about having a great experience on Airbnb, whether you're trying to book your first room or are considering hosting yourself.

Know about safety

The first thing you need to know when it comes to having a great experience on Airbnb is that safety is always the foremost priority. Most Airbnb locations are reliable and secure, yet you must always be on your toes when searching for a place to stay, especially if you're venturing into a city or area where you've never been before. If you have no contacts in that area, too, it can be especially important to brush up on the essential safety tips of Airbnb before spending your first night in someone else's abode.

Horror stories from the New York Times remind us that sometimes Airbnb experiences can go wrong, but often the only thing needed to ensure you'll have a safe trip and a fantastic experience is a little foresight and preparation for what you'll encounter at someone else's place. It's imperative you understand that you'll need to arrange plenty of time to talk to your host before you arrive. Speaking to your host is the most important element of doing Airbnb safely; this is the person you're trusting to enable your vacation or trip, so you should be comfortable with them and have multiple methods of contacting them in the event of an emergency.

Similarly, while Airbnb does plenty of work to authenticate their hosts, you should also do your due diligence and determine if everything looks legal and acceptable from afar before booking. This is also an excellent time to survey the local landscape and take note of what law enforcement officials you may need to call upon in the event of an emergency. Always ensure that your abode has locks, fire alarms, and other basic safety equipment such as fire extinguishers which you might need if something goes wrong. And if it does, make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover yourself.

Learn the secrets of booking

Now that you're a safety guru when it comes to Airbnb, you must learn the secrets of booking if you want to enjoy your stay without having to break the bank. Some offerings are more expensive than others, so taking some time to learn the steps of proper booking will help you find a cheap yet pleasant abode that's relatively close to what you're interested in near your destination.

Price fluctuations occur, so make sure that you're completely clear and upfront when communicating with your host. Having a written record of your conversations is a surefire way to guarantee that all parties involved have a way to confirm what was promised when a booking was arranged in the first place. In many instances, having emails or text messages to fall back upon can be a useful way to ensure your money is returned in the off chance that something strange occurs.

Those who are interested in hosting Airbnb should understand that it's a viable way to drastically supplement your income, yet you must be cautious when opening your home to strangers.

Hosting with success

If you want to host an Airbnb with success, you need to learn the ins and outs of being a hospitable host who can predict and meet the needs of your guests before they even arrive. The first step in this regard is to review the essential considerations that you must mull before formally listing your property on Airbnb. Some people are natural hosts, whereas others will struggle with opening themselves up to the world, so be sure to think about this deeply before making a final decision. Far too many people are unprepared for the realities of welcoming strangers into your home on a regular basis, so doing a little homework now may say you from heartbreak down the line.

Having a great experience on Airbnb demands flexibility and a capacity to deal with a wide array of people. Those who rely on Airbnb for lodging purposes are a diverse group, and no one trip is going to be like others you've enjoyed in the past. As is always true when it comes to traveling, you should be prepared for anything and do plenty of preparation if you want to have a good time. Before long, you'll discover that having a great experience on Airbnb is cheap and easy for those who are in the know.