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Best places in the Philippines where you can make money and travel

Travelers Today       By    Staff Reporter

Updated: Apr 22, 2019 11:42 AM EDT

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With summer holidays approaching fast, everyone is making plans towards getaways, and the Philippines definitely comes up a prime choice.

It is undoubtedly a budget travel stop for Americans. Though cheap, this country is home to the enchanting picture of seas, beaches, sunsets, and delicious food. For a place that has so much to offer, it would certainly take more time than a quick visit to enjoy the tropical vibes.

So if you are thinking to make a summer vacation into a longer stay, here are the best areas in the Philippines where one can find some work and at the same time, experience the journey.

1. Manila

Manila, the capital, is one of the amazing places in South East Asia to indulge in cultural pursuits. Amidst the packed streets and terrible traffic jams, one might feel annoyed and intrigued at the same time. Being the capital and the busiest city, Manila serves as the gateway to the other fabulous destinations.

This also means travelers could find more secure and stable wifi to pursue remote working as a freelancer. Online jobs that allow one to work for essay writing services, or as a designer are quite easy to handle from all parts of the world.

Freelance writing is now emerging as one of the top choices for remote jobs. There are writing platforms preferred by students to get assignments delivered in tight deadlines, which ensures that they are trusted and offers plenty of work all the time. These websites welcome writers, where students themselves can sign up to be a writer. As most of the jobs are academic related, students can choose topics related to their studies while gain money and experience doing so.

In Manila, travelers could also set up to teach English and other subjects in local schools. It is an excellent way to contribute to society and secure money to get one started for the remainder of the trip. If you are looking for volunteering opportunities, take a look at these options.

2. Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

As home to many fantastic islands, the Philippines plays hosts to some of the world's best diving sites too. The Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is one of the fascinating sites of the country. The park being a protected sanctuary houses an aquatic universe of coral reefs. Not only that but this UNESCO World Heritage Site listing is also popular as a shelter for dozens of rare bird species.

The Natural Park is thus a favored destination for divers. The islands are unoccupied, and diving is possible only between March and June. However, there are numerous liveaboards leaving with diving instructors to the park in seasons and offers plenty of opportunities or divers to find work.

3. Zambales

Zambales is the ultimate seaside spot of the Philippines. Filled with beach resorts, getaways, and shopping, Zambales has so much to offer for travelers. There is no way to look past this place when it comes to heavenly beaches thriving with touristic opportunities.

However, this region is not only about that, but there are also many hidden gems in nature. In San Antonio, travelers have Anawangin Cove, Capones Island, and Nagsasa Cove to explore. Then there is the Camara Island, Capones Island and Potpot island to experience.

For travelers, Zambales provides diverse job opportunities. There are many resorts and restaurants who are looking to hire seasonal help. This also includes a cultural exchange and learning. If you are looking to support your budget traveling, then do not hesitate to head to Zambales.

4. Palawan

Palawan is close to the city of Puerto Princesa in Philippines. The town itself is a famous tourist spot with a bustling ambiance and full of energy. Puerto Princesa Underground River in Sabang even made its way into the 2012 list of New seven wonders of nature. It is famed for El Nido, and the islands of Coron, both excellent places to get away to the beauty of the islands.

It goes without saying that island hopping is a favorite activity to do here. There are a plethora of food options, water sports and to just sit back and relax. Palawan provides many ways for travelers to make money as travel agents, as a guide for water sports, food enthusiasts and even work in the local farms around Coron.

5. Siargao Island

By now it is obvious that several of the attractions in Philippines have something to do with islands. Siargao Island is a paradise for those surfers among you. The travel there include the beginners too; thus the place is in high demand for surfing coaches. The famous wave points here include Cloud 9, Quicksilver, Tuason point and many more. Though surfing is the main draw of the beach, the island also has lagoons, pools and a thriving lifestyle to entice travelers to consider staying longer.

So there it is the best travel points in Philippines to enjoy touring while making a bit of extra money. Nevertheless, anywhere you go, it would still be possible to find something to keep you occupied, from the land to the waves. 

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