Maui - Best for beaches, hiking, food

Sun and surf - with reason far-famed for its superb sands, Maui's got a beach for each mood - wind-whipped kiteboarding meccas, calm snorkel diving coves, hidden gems and a few of the most important surfable waves on the world. or simply plop down on the sand and scan the horizon for wintering whales.

Trails galore - The island's hiking trails wind through a bamboo forest, climb to lofty ridgetops, wander past waterfalls and crunch through a cindery volcanic park.

Lana'i - Best for remoteness, history, beaches

Isolation - Ignoring the good views of different islands, Lanaʻi appears like associate degree isolated little bit of semitropical pleasure off from the remainder of the planet. And on condition that new owner Larry Ellison needs to form the island self-sufficing, its sense of remoteness can solely increase.

Pineapples - Nearly the whole island was planted with pineapples, that were exported round the world, for abundant of the twentieth century. The crops square measure gone however the vintage plantation city of Lanaʻi town is unaltered.

Hulupo'e Beach - Lanaʻi's one main beach could be a beaut: a protracted crescent of sand on a bay sensible for snorkel diving, and backed by a tidy, uncrowded park.

Moloka'i - Best for culture, history, adventure

Most Hawaiian - quite five hundredth of Molokaʻi's individuals have endemic heritage. Locals favor preservation of land and culture over schemes promoting business enterprise. nonetheless there's ciao spirit all over and guests realize a real - instead of a paid-for - welcome.

Saint Damien - A young priest WHO traveled to Molokaʻi's remote Kalaupapa ground in 1873 to worry for Hansen's disease patients is that the USA's initial saint. nowadays the spectacular ground could be a park providing a time-travel journey.

Halawa natural depression - This end-of-the-road natural depression once was home to many sacred taro patches. Guides take you on a path past ancient temples to waterfalls pounding into swimmable pools.

Hawai'i the massive Island - Best for hiking, culture, wildlife

Trail junkies, unite! - Kilauea, Earth's most active volcano, conjures up a dreamscape for hikers: emerald valleys, icy body of water pools, volcanic rock flows bloody against forest and a few of the loftiest summits your boots can ever struggle to prime.

Cultural border crossing - On the massive Island culture is democratic - absorbed, instead of merely discovered. You're invited to make a lei and dance a rain dance, however, simply watch out the night marchers.

Wildlife - Spinner dolphins leap, ocean turtles glide and coral gardens square measure full of brilliantly coloured fish. In winter humpback whales steal the show.