Call it the year of the sister ship. 

Three of North America's biggest cruise lines - Carnival, Norwegian and Princess - will unveil new vessels in 2019. But while the ships will be new, they'll look strikingly familiar. All three will be sisters to existing vessels.

Also rolling out a sibling to an existing ship will be Europe-based MSC Cruises. MSC will have two new vessels in 2019 with familiar bones. One will be a sister to the recently unveiled MSC Meraviglia; the other a stretched version of that ship. 

The newcomers won't be carbon copies of their siblings. Most will offer new features. Princess' new vessel, for instance, will have the line's first cabins for families of five.    

But in the world of big oceangoing ships aimed at North Americans, the year won't have the pizzazz of 2018, which saw the unveiling of the world's largest cruise ship and a groundbreaking new vessel from Celebrity Cruises.

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