Uzbekistan has good news for people who have been wanting to go to the country with its new visa schemes.

Travelers will finally be able to see the ancient sights of the Silk Road, and the Historic Centre of Bukhara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with lesser hassle. The e-visa application will be via a website, which is still not live at the moment. The price of the visa is set to be around $20.

Up to now, people who have set their sights on Uzbekistan have to attend an appointment at an Uzbek embassy to have a seven-day visa. But with the new arrangement, they just have to apply through the said website.

The website operates in seven different languages which include English, Russian, and Uzbek, among others. Here, people can check and update the status of their application through a unique identification code that will be given to them.

To authorize the application for an electronic visa, travelers can use their email address or other identifiers such as a mobile number or social media accounts.

Up until now, the country is still one of the hardest places to reach. However, Uzbekistan will allow people who are transiting via air travel to stay in the country for five days if they already have a ticket for the third country. This will take effect on July 15. Uzbekistan has announced that the visa offer can be availed on the same day by 101 nationalities.


People have to be 16 or older to apply for an e-visa. If under the allowed age, they have to be accompanied by a legal representative. Applicants also have to complete their biometric travel document, as well as an international passport.

Foreign citizens under 16 years old cannot stay in the country for more than 90 days from the entry date. If the foreigner turns 16 during their stay in Uzbekistan, there will be a provision of the exit visa that will be given by the migration and citizen registration offices in the country.

Tourism And Investment Efforts

Only a few airlines offer transit routes to Uzbekistan at the moment. However, with the new scheme, the country hopes to encourage the opening of more routes.

Uzbekistan was once controlled by a tight regime. Now, it has been opening its doors to more foreign travelers and international investors. Last year, the country has started its visa reforms by extending the visa from seven days to 30 days.

Additionally, the country has also opened a visa-free scheme for seven nationalities last February.

With the new developments in the country, an increase in tourism and investment is at the horizon. With so many things to do and sights to see in Uzbekistan, people all over the world will definitely want to immerse in its culture.