Without a doubt, getting behind the wheel to head to a gas station is one of the most tedious, not to mention, boring tasks a car owner does. After all the gas stations one has visited, it starts to blend in together.

However, there are gas stations that will make you feel like fueling up is not a chore. Here are few examples people can visit that will not only fill up their tank but also their taste.

Helios House

Car owners can trust Los Angeles, California to give them a gas station that is way out of the ordinary. Helios House boasts futuristic geometric angles and metallic surfaces. The gas station is also the first one of its kind that is LEED-certified.

It was built on a site of a mid-1970's preexisting gas station. The station was also created from a mix of old, eco-friendly materials and new materials that are sustainable and recyclable. It was meant to raise awareness of the education and dialogue of environmental stewardship.

Repsol Service Stations

All over Spain, a popular petrol station serves as a surprise to the weary eyes of drivers. The Repsol Service Station has vibrant colors and simple geometric shapes that make it very easy to spot. A modular canopy system is adorned in the company colors of red, white and orange.

The 200 gas stations of the brand simply do not blend into its environment. It has changed the landscape of Spanish roads and the countryside. Repsol is also considered as a famous icon of modern architecture in the country.

Teapot Dome Service Station

Located in Zillah, Washington, the petrol station was erected as a reminder of the Teapot Dome scandal that became an obstacle to the Harding administration in 1921. In 1985, the gas station was also listed in the National Historical Register.

The one of a kind gas service station was originally handcrafted in 1922 by Jack Ainsworth during the time when gas stations gave people something to look at and spread the word about it to their friends.

Fiat Tagliero Building

This automotive-themed building is arguably the most famous building in Asmara, Eritrea. The gas station building is part of the colonial architecture in Eritrea and was built when it was still a colony of Italy between 1890 and 1941.

The airplane-shaped building has two 50-foot wings that are fully unsupported. Its central cockpit is comparable to a lot of structures in Miami. The futuristic building is the work of architect Giuseppe Pettazzi.

Pops Restaurant

People would surely love to stop by at a 66-foot soda bottle to fuel up both in gas and drinks. For those passing through Oklahoma, this spot offers over 700 soda pop options. It is best to visit the famous landmark diner and petrol station at night to see the famous neon sign.