Fireflies are one of the most enchanting creatures. Usually seen in romantic movies and fairytales, these glowing shimmering insects light up the dark sky with little flashes.

However, not all fireflies glow. Most glowing bugs can only be found in the Eastern part of the country and are common in national parks.

To experience the magical scene of looking at thousands of fireflies lighting up at once, head over to these states.

Tennessee: Great Smoky Mountains

People traveling to the Great Smoky Mountain located in the North Carolina-Tennessee border from the end of May until June will be treated to the magical sight of fireflies mating.

Although the activity depends on the air and soil temperature, tourists will see fireflies light up the national park. The synchronized flashes of these bugs happen in bursts of around five to eight every few seconds.

The park also has firefly shuttles to help people witness the scene.

Pennsylvania: Allegheny National Forest

Pennsylvania's only national forest is home to P. Carolinus and 15 more species of fireflies. Here, tourists can witness the incredible mating ritual of the fireflies and will make them feel as if they're part of a Disney movie.

The forest celebrates its Firefly festival every fourth Saturday of June. Aside from the fireflies, tourists will also be entertained by games and music.

South Carolina: Congaree National Park

Thirty minutes from Columbia, Southern Carolina lies one of its gems — the Congaree National Park, where tourists will see synchronous fireflies.

To witness this, visitors have to go to the spot between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and stay at the viewing area, which is elevated by a boardwalk trail near the Harry Hampton Visitor Center.

"Visitors come from literally all over the world to marvel at the splendor of nature as showcased by the fireflies," said chief of interpretation and at Congaree National Park park ranger Scott Teodorski.

Florida: Blue Spring State Park

It comes as no surprise that fireflies swarm at this national park in Central Florida because of its humid weather. Visitors planning to see Florida's firefly spot should come on late March until early April and is advised to get a special pass to stay in the park even after it closes.

Arizona: Cajon Bonito

Aside from the humid weather, Fireflies also thrive in environments near the water. Those who want to see this great sight, just head over to the Cajon Bonito, the home of male fireflies that light up three times per second.