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Consumer Caution: 3 Hotel and Rental Travel Nightmares that Travel Insurance Won't Cover

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Updated: May 10, 2018 05:25 AM EDT

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Traveling soon? Here are some things you need to know about travel insurance.
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As travelers prepare for their Memorial Day vacations, leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, reviews three vacation nightmares their travelers have reported.

Squaremouth reports of claims from travelers who arrived at their destination to find their resort had no record of their reservation, their room was double-booked, or their rental wasn't as advertised. Squaremouth experts explain why these situations don't fall under travel insurance coverage, and where travelers should turn if they experience these vacation nightmares.

The Lost Reservation
Hotel reservations are commonly made through third-party booking sites instead of directly with the hotel. While these sites are becoming popular with travelers, they're not always guaranteed; travelers have reported arriving at their hotel to find there is no record of their reservation.

Industry Insight: A lost reservation isn't covered under any travel insurance benefits. In most cases, if a traveler has proof of booking through a third-party site, but the hotel doesn't have record, the responsibility would fall on the booking site. Squaremouth recommends travelers keep all confirmation and financial receipts in order to receive a refund from the third-party they used.

The Double Booked Rental
Vacation rental homes are appealing for many travelers, especially families or big groups. However, scheduling errors can cause the rental to double book, creating a major travel nightmare, especially during busy travel periods like Memorial Day weekend.

Industry Insight: A double booked vacation rental does not fall under any benefits offered by travel insurance. Typically, the rental owner or booking company would be responsible for reimbursement and possibly coordinating new accommodations. Squaremouth recommends travelers review the rental contract before booking to ensure they are comfortable with the terms and conditions listed.

The 'Not As Advertised' Accommodation
Many travelers choose their accommodations based on online photos, but sometimes things aren't as they seem and a room or rental home may look very different in person than how it was advertised.

Industry Insight: A hotel or rental that doesn't look the same in person as it was advertised, isn't covered under any travel insurance benefits. Generally, this is an issue with that the rental owner or the third-party booking site would be responsible for. Squaremouth recommends travelers research and read reviews on their accommodations before booking to prevent this from happening.

What is Covered?
While these nightmares aren't covered under travel insurance, other travel difficulties can be. For example, if a hotel or rental is deemed 'uninhabitable' due to a natural disaster, nonworking electricity, air conditioning or running water, many travel insurance providers can pay travelers back to leave their trip early. Squaremouth recommends travelers compare multiple policies before purchasing a policy and understand what their policy covers before leaving for their trip.

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