Living in a mobile home might not be everyone's cup of tea, but you might change your mind once you see the works of Dean Crago, a local craftsman in Somerset who turns dilapidated, old horseboxes into luxury mobile homes.

Mostly taking six months to make, each project is a masterpiece and a sight to behold. The mobile homes are designed aesthetically with a "log cabin feel." The inside is fitted with all the necessities a normal house usually entails, complete with a shower, a kitchen, running water, electricity, and an oven hob or grill.

"I was living inside an old minibus and wanted to be afforded the luxuries of a home, so came up with the idea of restoring a horsebox. They are perfect for this kind of conversion because they offer so much space,' says Mr. Crago through Daily Mail.

"I built one for myself first and thought it was something other people might like, so packed in my job and started doing it full time. Our converted vehicles really can be used as full-time homes, they have everything you need to live a normal life. They're handmade, comfortable, economical and ecological."

Mr. Crago's company is called "House Box", and he's been commissioning works since 2010 with the help of his fellow craftsmen Jake Churchill and Zack Hawkins. He recently finished refurbishing a 30-year old Mercedes horsebox that cost an estimated amount between £30,000 and £60,000, according to The Sun, and is ready to turn over to the owners.

About seven mobile homes have already been made by Mr. Crago and House Box, and they are open in welcoming new orders. Even a well-established architect would give Mr. Crago a run for his money because of the intensive details and design he incorporates in his work, maximizing every inch of space from a then hay-and-manure infested horsebox into an apt living space that you can take wherever you go.

If you want, you can also rent Mr. Crago's first ever House Box in the Welsh Border Mountains. His usual fee is £85 a night good for two persons.