There is no stopping the government and even private individuals like Elon Musk and Richard Branson from conquering Mars and eventually make a human colony on the Red planet. In view of this, NASA scientists have designed an inflatable greenhouse with the end purpose of sustaining human life.

This is not a new concept because astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) have successfully grown plants aboard the ISS. NASA is now developing this strategy into a long-term method to sustain prolonged stay in deep space according to ieTechnology. The greenhouse will support food production for nutrition, water, and waste recycling and the revitalisation of water.

The natural process of plants giving off carbon dioxide and humans breathing in oxygen is being used in the method according to the lead scientist of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Ray Wheeler.

The carbon dioxide exhaled off by the astronauts will be introduced into the greenhouse and the growing plants will provide them with oxygen through photosynthesis. The source of water that will start the process is from the landing site in Mars according to Live Mint.

Studies of the feasible plants to be grown in space have been studied at the University of Arizona in the U.S. The government has already awarded the production of 18 feet and more than 8 feet cylindrical greenhouses to Sadler Machine Company.

This method which is highly feasible proves the ability of the new generation of scientists to create something that is impossible decades ago. New technologies and the emerging artificial intelligence are making life easier and more comfortable.

Commercial space travel will eventually benefit from this plan. Nothing is impossible when it comes to enterprises in space. Musk and Branson have spearheaded space travel that will become affordable and common to the ordinary American.