There are lots of beautiful destinations in Europe, but most of them are eclipsed by the big names in the travel industry. London, Paris, Spain, Italy -- these are often the most visited European cities and countries, and yes, traveling to these destinations is magical indeed, but Europe has so much more to offer.

This year, why not take a few days off and head to Brussels? This capital city of Belgium is a must-see for everyone. It has now recovered from the terror attack that rocked its foundations last year and is more than ready to accommodate tourists and let the beauty of their city shine again.

Still having second thoughts? Here are some reasons why you should definitely visit Brussels:

The city is a haven for trendy but friendly locals. There's a stigma that Brussels and Belgium are "stuck up," but that is not true. Just by walking in the stylish neighborhood Sablon, you'll see hipsters and the socialites mingling in chic cafes, but unlike some snotty European cities, Brussels have this warm, friendly atmosphere that won't make you feel like you don't belong. Also, the LGBT community in Brussels is open and thriving, according to Landlopers.

Their parks are therapeutic. Brussels have a number of parks guaranteed to take away the stress clinging onto you, and they're beautiful to look at as well. If you're into somewhere really close to nature, then go to Bois de la Cambre. If you want to spend a little sports activity with your friend, play badminton at Parc du Cinquantenaire (also known as Jubelpark). But if you want to be alone and just crave a peaceful surrounding, visit the Jean-Felix Hap's garden. It's a scenic private park located in Maison des jeunes D'Etterbeek, according to Like a Local Guide.

The city's delectable cuisine. If you need just one reason to visit Brussels, then it's the food. They are the pioneers in some of the well-loved dishes in the world, like French Fries and Belgian Waffles. Have you tried Belgian fries? You should. They are amazing. Of course, Belgian chocolate is a star too. If you're in the city, try and look for little artisan sweet shops that sell authentic Belgian chocolate for an extra treat.