"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" has a famous guest from the Kardashian clan. Kim Kardashian appeared on the show to share about how she dealt with the Paris robbery and how she was changed by the incident. Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint inside her apartment in Paris, France during the Paris Fashion Week. The heist caused the "KUWTK" star to lose $10 million worth of jewelry.

Travel Pulse reported that the mother of two narrated that five men clad in police uniforms barged into her apartment at Hotel de Pourtales and ran away with the huge loot. Kim said to Ellen DeGeneres that her unfortunate experience changed the way she sees things.

Kanye West's wife revealed that she has totally changed the way she travels. She no longer brings expensive pieces of jewelry possibly bringing along fancy accessories. She has also doubled her security entourage every time she travels.

Guns reported that Kardashian admitted that the incident was bound to happen to her. She said that she used to be materialistic and flashy and the robbery happened to give her a lesson. Now, she already knows that there are things more important than those material things. She said that she is happy that her kids got the "new" Kim and not the "old" materialistic woman that she used to be.

The Paris robbery is now a thing of the past for Kris Jenner's daughter but the lessons it has brought her will remain as a constant reminder of the most important things in life. Several people were arrested that were linked to the heist. The gang that operates on victimizing celebrities admitted that they followed every activity of Kardashian through her social media accounts.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are two of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. And now, they are also two of the wisest when it comes to protecting their lives and their properties.