This time it's Delta Airlines that's in the news regarding their crew and a passenger after a pilot was removed from duty for smacking a female passenger. The pilot was later reinstated after Delta officials deemed his actions necessary as it broke up a fight.

According to a report from TMZ, a video showed a Delta Airline pilot smacking a female passenger while she was fighting with another female passenger. The incident happened sometime on April 21 after the plane landed at the Atlanta airport.

The video showed two women were fighting and a third woman tried to get involved between the two. That's when the pilot grabbed the other woman's arm and smacked her then walked away, while the two women are still on the ground.

The report said that the video was immediately given to a Delta Airline supervisor and a representative for the company said that they removed the pilot from duty while they complete their thorough investigation of the incident.

The two women involved in the altercation knew each other and already got into a skirmish earlier on the airplane. A Delta employee escorted them away, while cops eventually showed up. The New York Times reports that the pilot has returned back to work, as Delta Airlines investigation revealed "his actions de-escalated" the altercation between the two female passengers.

Police conducted their own investigation but Sgt. Warren Pickard, a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department, said information can't be provided until Monday. It has been a nightmare scenario for U.S. airlines this past month as Delta Airlines is the third American carrier involved in some scandal.

It began with a United Airlines debacle, where passenger Dr David Dao, with a bloodied face, was dragged off an overbooked plane in Chicago by police to make room for United staff. The airline reached a settlement with Dr Dao, who suffered a concussion, a broken nose, and lost two teeth during the incident.

Last week it was American Airlines who was in the spotlight after a male flight attendant grabbed a stroller from a woman and accidentally hit her, while narrowly missing the child she was carrying. They got into an argument and the attendant was suspended after the incident. Check out the Delta Airline incident below.